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Same Favorites but New Sleepers Post 2021 NFL Draft!

2021 NFL Championship Futures Odds

At the beginning of the 2021 NFL Draft, the Chiefs, Packers, Buccaneers, and Ravens were Super Bowl best bets.  That remains the same after the Draft.  But that doesn’t mean dynamics haven’t substantially changed.  On the day of the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft, news broke out of Green Bay that could change everything.  Specifically, franchise quarterback Aaron Rodgers wants out.

Meanwhile, the Packers’ arch-rival Chicago Bears drafted Justin Fields as their quarterback of the future.  And that future could be now.  San Francisco shocked everyone with their quarterback choice.  Subsequently, the Patriots took advantage.

2021 NFL Championship Futures Odds

When: Season Opens Thursday, September 9, 2021

Mr. Rodgers Tumultuous Neighborhood Blows Up

On the whole, Aaron Rodgers makes the Packers a one-man team.  Green Bay both succeeds and fails with that formula.  Rodgers consistently gets the Packers into the postseason.  But from there, Green Bay almost always ends as a playoff flop.  Green Bay vows not to trade Rodgers.  Of course, the Packers can’t afford to do so.  If Rodgers leaves, the Pack becomes a Sportsbook long shot.

Would Rodgers retire to host Jeopardy out of spite?  Many believe he would.  Rodgers has felt disrespected since the drafting of his heir apparent, Jordan Love, in 2021.  Now, the Packers are dragging their feet on a new contract.  It was the last straw for the mercurial future Hall of Famer.  Perhaps it’s all a negotiating ploy by the Rodgers camp.

49ers No Longer Consider Jimmy G as Gold

Last year at this time, Jimmy Garoppolo was hailed as a Super Bowl quarterback. San Francisco blew a 20-10 4th quarter lead to Kansas City in the 54th Super Bowl.  Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes showed the mobility that Jimmy G lacked.  Further, Garoppolo is frequently injured.  San Francisco picked Trey Lance of North Dakota State as their own version of Mahomes.  The status of their starting quarterback position will be key to their Betting on Super Bowl prospects.

Bear Market for Fields of Dreams

For whatever reason, the Bears rarely have a serviceable quarterback.  And on the rare occasion that they have one, they manage to ruin it.  However, the arrival of Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields sparks optimism with the Super Bowl betting odds. Next year is too soon to expect a parade.  But the Bears finally have a blueprint.  And another version of Patrick Mahomes.

Cowboys Overload on Defense

Last season Dallas was utterly defenseless.  So, Jerry Jones ordered defensive players with the Cowboys‘ first six picks.  Dallas remains a second-tier Super Bowl betting choice.  But that’s based on public popularity more than reality.  Still, the defense will be improved for 2021.  Led by top draft pick and Penn State linebacker Micah Parsons.

The Hoodie Orders a Big Mac

On the whole, 2020 was a miserable NFL gambling campaign for New England.  Bill Belichick was upstaged by Tom Brady departing for Super Bowl glory at Tampa Bay.  Cam Newton was not the answer as Brady’s replacement.  Now comes Alabama quarterback Mac Jones.  Unlike Lance and Fields, Jones is a more traditional-style quarterback.  He makes good reads and decisions.  But doubts remain, ironically enough.  Cause by Jones playing for the Alabama powerhouse against lesser foes.


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