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2021 US Open Tennis Tournament

Djokovic and Osaka Favored for 2021 US Open

Once upon a time, Serena Williams owned the US Open.  Williams won a total of six US Open championships.  Four more times, she lost the championship match.  But when Naomi Osaka pulled off a stunning upset of Williams for the 2018 US Open championship, it was seen as a changing of the guard.  Confirmation came ...
2020 US Open Men’s and Women’s Tennis Singles Championships Betting

2020 US Open Men’s and Women’s Tennis Singles Championships Odds and Picks

By reason of COVID-19 has the sports schedule been dramatically altered. The Masters, Kentucky Derby, and US Open Golf are prime examples. These events will go with dates far differently than usual. However, the US Open tennis tournament retains its traditional slot. Early September remains the window for this betting on tennis Grand Slam. COVID-19 ...
Women’s and Men’s Tennis Betting Returns in August 2020

Women’s and Men’s Tennis Returns in August Before Two Grand Slams

In view of COVID-19, the grand tradition of Wimbledon was lost for 2020. Tennis action has been on hold with the other major sports. It has been a frustrating experience for tennis betting fans. If ever there was a sport that naturally social distances it is tennis. However, help is on the way. Play will ...