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Steelers vs. Colts CashBet Wagering Analysis

Colts Hosts Steelers on ESPN Monday Night Football Week 12 Betting

Overall, the Pittsburgh Steelers are going through a humbling betting on the NFL season of transition.  Pittsburgh is suffering through the growing pains of rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett.  But the Steelers’ problems go far deeper than a mere change of quarterbacks.  Of great concern is that the Pittsburgh defense has struggled to cover for one ...
Packers vs. Eagles CashBet Betting Analysis, Odds and Picks

Packers vs. Eagles CashBet Betting Analysis, Odds and Picks

Late on, the Philadelphia Eagles were the NFL’s final undefeated betting on NFL team.  Finally, they were upset in a Week-10 Monday night home game to the Washington Commanders.  The loss was a reminder that there are no sure things in the NFL and that every team is beatable.  By contrast, the Green Bay Packers ...
Patriots vs. Vikings CashBet Odds and Picks

Thanksgiving NFL Best: Patriots vs. Vikings CashBet Odds and Picks

At the beginning of the season, the Minnesota Vikings were ignored in the future market.  The betting on NFL public viewed Minnesota as a team that was an empty promise.  By contrast, The New England Patriots drew betting interest based on making the 2021 AFC playoffs.  And they did so with rookie Mac Jones as ...
Buffalo Bills vs Detroit Lions

Buffalo Bills vs Detroit Lions NFL Week #12 Odds, Best Picks and Predictions (Thursday, November 24th, 2022)

This week’s NFL schedule will open with an exciting game between the Buffalo Bills and the Detroit Lions. The Bills are sharing the top spot with the Miami Dolphins in the AFC East and are keen on winning this game. The week 12 NFL betting picks are updated online as these teams clash in this ...
49ers vs. Cardinals CashBet Wagering Analysis

Cardinals to Host 49ers on Monday Night Football Week 11 Betting

Somehow, Kliff Kingsbury is still the coach of the Cardinals.  Kingsbury is on one of the NFL’s hottest seats.  While the Cardinals made the 2021 playoffs, they were outed as betting on NFL fraud and blown out against the Rams.  This year a playoff spot looks like more of a pipe dream for Arizona.  And ...