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Live Betting Will Explode as 2021 NFL Draft First Round Progresses

2021 NFL Draft First Round Progresses betting

NFL Draftniks have never had it so good.  Cause by the unpredictable domino effect of the 2021 NFL Draft.  Perhaps the kingpin of the entire event is Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields.  Last week the story broke about Fields and his epilepsy issues.  What was not mentioned is that NFL scouts knew about that long ago.  But the news did cause massive 2021 NFL Draft betting changes.  Now, Fields is rated as the fourth-best quarterback in the draft.  Trey Lance of North Dakota is gaining ground.  While Alabama quarterback Mac Jones is fluctuating from third to fifth overall.

2021 NFL Draft

Date: Thursday, April 29, 2021
Where: Cleveland, Ohio
TV Coverage: ESPN

First Round Live Betting CashBet Wagering Analysis

Above all, it’s important to remember an old sportsbook adage.  In the days leading up to the NFL Draft, there is an overload of spin and deception.  NFL teams tell deliberate lies.  Many clubs will badmouth a player they actually want.  Counter to that is praise for players that a team has no intention of taking.  Thus, “Those who know don’t talk, and those who talk don’t know!”

The Riddle of Justin Fields

Many observers believe that the live 2021 NFL Draft odds will sort out once Justin Fields is taken.  But who takes Fields remains the biggest question of the NFL Draft.  Some observers see Fields as a franchise quarterback.  His mobility and arm strength draw comparisons to Patrick Mahomes.

Most NFL scouts rate Fields ahead of Alabama signal-caller Mac Jones.  But lackluster performances against Indiana and Northwestern raise alarms in the eyes of other NFL officials.  Could Fields drop further down the NFL Draft?  Denver trading for the seventh position to get their man is a possibility.

Kyle Pitts Emerges as the Dream Tight End

On the whole, quarterbacks are dominating the 2021 NFL Draft betting lines conversation.  For many observers, a tight end is an afterthought.  But Florida tight end Kyle Pitts is the one exception.  First, among all at that position, Pitts is highly coveted.  Pitts has climbed up the rankings for all positions. Second, behind Trevor Lawrence is where he ranks with those in the know.  Only the team need issue will push Pitts down in the draft order.

Fourth pick of the opening round goes to the Falcons.  And Pitts is getting a hard look from Atlanta.  Quarterback Matt Ryan would love to have a potential Pro Bowl tight end in his arsenal.

Big Mac Order Canceled?

Three weeks ago, Alabama quarterback Mac Jones was the hottest brand going.  Now, not nearly as much.  Ironically enough, Jones is downgraded for being successful.  To illuminate, NFL scouts believe that Jones had it too easy at Alabama.  Jones is seen as a cog that was plugged into a powerhouse.  He is compared to past Alabama quarterbacks such as AJ McCarron.

Further, why would the 49ers take Mac Jones when they already have Jimmy Garoppolo?  Scouts see little difference between the two.  At least Justin Fields offers a radically different style.

Will Trey Lance the Bigger Names?

At the beginning, it must be understood Trey Lance isn’t the third-best quarterback in the draft.  That doesn’t stop live NFL gambling action going his way.  Lance is out of FCS North Dakota State.  And he is best known for leading the Bison to the 2019 FCS national championship.  Following the fact that FCS schools, including home-state Minnesota, snubbed him.

It follows that Lance is a “toolbox” selection.  He has the raw talent that makes NFL scouts dream of the next Mahomes.  Subsequently, Lance brings mobility and a stronger arm than many originally realized.

Dallas is Certain for Surtain

What team doesn’t need a shutdown corner? Alabama’s Patrick Surtain II is the dream of all clubs.  Dallas was utterly defenseless in a humiliating 2020 campaign.  Surtain is viewed as the man that can flip the script of the Cowboys.


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