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Hope Takes Command in Washington

2022 NFL Season Futures and Super Bowl Odds  

It is true that the Washington Commanders have been one of the worst franchises on the betting NFL board.  Namely, Dan Snyder’s ownership has been a reign of error.  But Danny Boy is close to unloading his clunker for a-record billions of dollars in profit.  And the NFL can’t get rid of him soon enough.  Regardless, things are looking up for the Commanders.  Washington is one of the most underrated teams on the future market board.  And a potential sleeper for the 2023 season.  Still, much of the Washington future does depend on Danny Boy’s departure.

2023 NFL Post Draft

Super Bowl Championship Future Odds  

When:  Season Opens Thursday, September 8, 2023; Super Bowl LVIII is Sunday, February 11, 2014

2023-24 Super Bowl Championship Future CashBet Odds

Will He Or Won’t He?  The Saga of Danny Boy Snyder

First, team owner Daniel Snyder entered an agreement to sell the franchise.  You can make a reasonable case that no team made a more significant move to aid their chances of becoming a Super Bowl contender this off-season.  But only if the Commanders extricate themselves from their disastrous ownership group.  Consider that Snyder has overseen things for 24 years.

Accordingly, Washington went from being one of the league’s best teams to one of its worst.  The pre-Snyder Commanders had more actual MVPs than the Snyder-era Commanders had of players who received a single MVP vote.  They won more Super Bowls before Snyder than playoff games after he took over the team.  Still, one of those two victories came in 1999, when he took over the franchise.  The one playoff game the Commanders won after Snyder started reinventing the franchise to his liking came in 2005.

And then fans hate what happened on the Best Sportsbook online field.  It doesn’t even consider how the organization’s reputation was damaged.  Cause of scandals involving inappropriate behavior toward the team’s cheerleaders.

To show, the team’s stadium spewed fluids onto fans, and its playing surface led to injuries.  The organization was forced to settle a lawsuit for allegedly defrauding its season ticket holders.  Also, Snyder sneered at the idea of changing the team’s nickname until there was a real threat from sponsors.  The team used its PR department to attack the city it was supposed to represent. 

The Betting on the football legacy of the Snyder era is just how great it is to be an NFL team owner.  Correlate that Snyder took over one of the most popular franchises and enjoyed virtually no success during his time in charge.  Yet he will make billions of dollars for agreeing to move on.

The Roster Remake of 2023

First on the list is what to do with Chase Young.  The Commanders declined his fifth-year option this spring.  In part, their NFL bets decision came because he suffered a serious knee injury in 2021 and didn’t return until December 2022.  Also, he hadn’t lived up to expectations even before the injury.  A late burst in 2020 led to him being named Defensive Rookie of the Year.  But the No. 2 overall pick had just nine sacks in his first 24 pro games before tearing his right ACL.

The Commanders have a few NFL Betting odds options.  They could let Young play out his option and see if he turns around.  Or use the franchise tag to keep him after the season if he breaks out.  Instead, they could try to work out a deal in which Young signs a reduced deal for 2024.  Or Young could be a trade candidate.

Washington faces a fork in the road for 2023.


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