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49ers Lead NFC West Draft Intrigue – 2021 NFL Draft Betting Analysis

49ers Lead NFC West Draft Intrigue

What will they do?  San Francisco 49ers fans are dying to know.  Not to mention everyone betting on the 2021 NFL Draft Odds.  Certainly, the 49ers are going to take a quarterback.  Perhaps a good question is why.  Just two years ago, Jimmy Garoppolo seemed secure in his position.  Jimmy G led the 49ers to the Super Bowl.  In fact, San Francisco seemed to have the championship in hand. Before Patrick Mahomes lead the Chiefs on a comeback for the ages.  From that point, Mahomes was touted as the best quarterback in football.

2021 NFL Draft – NFC West San Francisco 49ers

Date: Thursday, April 29, 2021
Where: Cleveland, Ohio
TV Coverage: ESPN

2021 NFL Draft CashBet Wagering Analysis – 49ers Intrigue

When Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs to their Super Bowl Sportsbook odds win, the NFL changed.  All of a sudden traditional backup quarterbacks were no longer valued.  Also, Mahomes was viewed as the quarterback of the future.  While Jimmy Garoppolo was seen as part of a dying breed.  Tom Brady’s win in the Super Bowl over KC is not viewed as transformational.  Mahomes remains the Gold Standard.  Namely, Justin Fields is considered to be the closest thing to Mahomes in the 2021 NFL Draft.  But Mac Jones is apparently coveted by the 49ers.  That’s where the debate begins.

Why Would 49ers Order a Big Mac?

Alabama quarterback Mac Jones is the prototypical game manager.  He is not a player that will improvise like Mahomes.  As a matter of fact, he is a lot more like Garoppolo than Mahomes.  So why on Earth would the 49ers take Jones over Justin Fields?   One explanation is that 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan prefers the style of Garoppolo.  More emphatically, Jimmy G’s inability to stay healthy is the real issue.  Jones is one of the top betting on 2021 NFL Draft favorites to go early.  However, Fields is expected to go early too.  And Fields brings the added dimensions of mobility and speed.

Shanahan has been open and direct with Garoppolo regarding the injury issue.  Although the NFL is a cold-hearted and ruthless business, the facts are the facts.  Garoppolo missed considerable playing time in 2018 and 2020.  As a result, both of those campaigns were lost.  But who is to say that Mac Jones or Justin Fields are guaranteed to avoid injuries.  That is the risk San Francisco is taking with the 2021 NFL Draft betting odds.

The Many Fields of Concerns over Justin

And then there is the case of Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields.  Earlier this month were accusations that he lacked a good work ethic.  In like manner to former Ohio State NFL bust Dwayne Haskins.  As a consequence, Ohio State coaches voiced their admiration for Fields.  And stated clearly that he puts in the time.  Another negative thrown at Fields were a couple of lackluster performances in games last season.  Most believe those are nitpicky and irrelevant points.

Finally, major headlines were generated over Fields and his battles with epilepsy.  In turn, it was later revealed that NFL scouts knew about that long ago.  This issue all leads to the cunning of the NFL Draft.  Teams will lie and deceive.  Further, the word is out that the 49ers are basking in the attention they’re getting.  And that San Francisco is playing a bunch of games with fans, media, and gamblers.  Indeed, all eyes are on the 49ers.

The Wild Card

Meanwhile, there is a potential wild card selection at quarterback.  Trey Lance of North Dakota State won an FCS title.  Most important of all, he epitomizes a dual-threat quarterback.  Lance can do everything and has a maturity above 20 years of age.  Of course, taking an FCS quarterback so early would be an NFL Draft betting surprise.  Do the 49ers have the nerve to do so?

Summary of What To Expect

To be exact, the 49ers like Garoppolo’s style but not his injuries. That makes Mac Jones the likely choice for San Francisco.


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