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Quarterback Factor Reaches New Level for 2021 NFL Season Futures

2021 Futures and Quarterback Factors

Immediately apparent with the post-NFL Draft futures odds is that not much changed.  The Chiefs, Buccaneers, Ravens, and Bills remain chalk.  Just as they were before the 2021 NFL Draft.  However, quarterback factors are more prevalent than ever before.  Quarterback issues could spark multiple surprise teams with the Super Bowl best odds.  In both positive and negative ways.  Such as Aaron Rodgers is the reigning 2020 NFL Most Valuable Player.  Concurrently, news he wants out of Green Bay dominates the conversation.  Rodgers could be the ultimate domino to fall.  Notwithstanding the dominos may not fall at all.

2021 Futures and Quarterback Factors

When: Season Opens Thursday, September 9, 2021

Pack Attack Utterly Dependent Upon Rodgers

Green Bay can’t win without Aaron Rodgers.  Nobody disputes that.  Of course, the Packers management hasn’t played the Rodgers situation smoothly.  Drafting Jordan Love as his heir apparent rankles the MVP.  More emphatically, Rodgers utterly loathes Packers management.  He demanded that general manager Brian Gutekunst be fired as a stipulation of his return.  Green Bay is yet to blink.  Thus, we have the ultimate game of chicken.  The question is who will blink.  Of course, Rodgers makes the Packers a top-tier Bitcoin Sportsbook favorite.  Packers President Mike Murphy and Gutekunst vow Rodgers won’t be traded.

So does Rodgers retire to host jeopardy?  He has more than enough money to live in luxury for the rest of his life.  But he would be leaving $15 million on the table if he storms off in a fit of pique.  That’s a lot more than chicken feed.  Equally important is that Rodgers wants a second Super Bowl championship.  Brett Favre only had one, and Rodgers would love to surpass that.

On the whole, Rodgers would be extremely difficult to trade.  His salary accounts for roughly 20% of the Green Bay salary cap payroll.  A prospective team would have to get really creative to accommodate that. In turn, Packers management knows that a trade would destroy their betting on Super Bowl prospects.  And that they would lever live it down.  Jordan Love is not ready to take over on Rodgers’ level.

The Hoodie is Jonesin’ for a Super Bowl  

Last year was a humbling experience for Patriots coach Bill Belichick. Tom Brady and the Hoodie got their long-sought divorce.  But it was Brady instead of Belichick that beat the Super Bowl betting odds.  Cam Newton proved not up to the challenge of leading the Patriots.  Thus, New England took Alabama quarterback Mac Jones in the first round.  Newton is still considered number one on the depth chart.  But that fact is that Jones will be given every opportunity to win the job.

The 2020 national champion quarterback is well-regarded for his preparation work and football smarts.  But skeptics point out that Jones played on the dominant team in almost every game.  Of great concern for Super Bowl betting purposes is the Patriots supporting cast.  For all that adulation he gets, Belichick is hasn’t put together a strong offensive lineup.

Jimmy G Promises to Play Nice

Trey Lance is the 49ers quarterback of the future.  Indeed, Lance was the surprise pick of the first round, going third overall.  Jimmy Garoppolo is number one on the depth chart.  And coach Kyle Shanahan likely prefers Jimmy G to come back healthy for another Super Bowl run.  Garoppolo said he would be helpful to Lance.  Still, Jimmy G can’t be happy about his current NFL gambling plight.  This situation leads to speculation about another 49ers move.  Bill Belichick has long coveted Garoppolo.  If Lance impresses, perhaps a trade is possible.


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