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 Titans, Steelers, and Chiefs Make 2022 NFL Draft Impacts

2022 NFL Season Futures and Super Bowl Odds  

It is true that the NFL Draft draws a level of interest, unlike any other sport.  Weeks of non-stop analysis are done each year.  Draftniks hold countless mock drafts.  And then speculation runs rampant as to who will become the new Super Bowl best favorite.  However, there are usually some moderate moves on the futures market when the draft ends.  But rarely do the Super Bowl betting, or playoff favorites change.  And that was the case again this year.  As much as things changed, they remained the same.  But three teams made big potential gains.

A Titanic Draft for Tennessee

Owing to a couple of big moves, the Titans made some of the biggest top online sportsbook news.  First, Tennessee traded the highly popular and effective receiver AJ Brown.  Tennessee made the deal believing that they would be better off changing draft positions.  Further, a new more common belief is that wide receivers are like running backs and interchangeable.  But the Titans had far more than a change of receivers on their minds.

Tennessee sent shockwaves through the betting on Super Bowl lines by picking quarterback Malik Willis of Liberty.  Willis is ranked as a first-round talent.  He will bring the Titans’ offense into the modern era with his mobility paired with passing acumen.  Most important of all, Tennessee has sent a signal to current starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Last year in the playoffs, Tannehill was exposed as a liability with the Super Bowl betting odds.  Cincinnati quarterback Joe Burrow totally outclassed Tannehill in the AFC Playoffs.  Outside of catching lightning in a bottle during the Titans’ epic 2019 playoff run, Tannehill has had a mediocre career.  And the Titans are on to him.  Willis is their quarterback of the future.

New Shiny Steel at Quarterback for Pittsburgh

Yet another statement-making pick for improved Super Bowl betting odds was made by the Steelers.  Pittsburgh was said to have Mitch Trubisky as its projected starting quarterback for 2022.  And the prospects of that did not inspire any confidence with fans or futures market gamblers.  Instead, the Steelers drafted a player that they know quite well.

Quarterback Kenny Pickett of the University of Pittsburgh is a local hero.  Additionally, Pickett practiced at the same facility as the Steelers.  The Steelers could get plenty of NFL gambling intel on Pickett with that proximity.  They were able to verify his character and work ethic in a way that gave them a great advantage.  Pittsburgh fans are thrilled with the selection of the 2021 Heisman Trophy finalist.  Especially when they were contemplating a season with Trubisky as their quarterback.

Kansas City Reloads with Impressive Haul

To be exact, the Chiefs and their fans are not over losing the AFC championship game on their home field to the Bengals.  Kansas City is determined to get back to the Super Bowl in the season ahead.  Accordingly, they are off to a great start with one of the highest-rated drafts of any team,

Namely, Skyy Moore is the most important pick for the Chiefs.  Moore will replace the traded Tyreek Hill.  Hill was a game-breaking speedster and kick returner.  But Moore is said to have the same abilities as Hill at a fraction of the cost.


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