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Rams Return for More in 2022 After Super Season

Los Angeles Rams CashBet Futures Odds

At the height of the 2019 season, Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay was touted as the man that was reinventing football.  Indeed, McVay led the Rams to the NFC championship.  But in the Super Bowl, the aspiring genius was schooled by Bill Belichick in a loss to the New England Patriots.  Following that Super Bowl loss, the Rams were good but not great.  And McVay was no longer hailed as the genius.  In 2021 the Rams traded quarterback Jarred Goff for Matthew Stafford.  And now McVay is again called the sharpest knife in the drawer.

2022 Futures Odds Los Angeles Rams

When: The 2022 NFL Season Opens on Thursday, September 8, 2022

Los Angeles Rams CashBet Futures Odds Over/Under Win Total 10.5
Odds to win the Super Bowl +1100
Odds to win the NFC Championship +450
Odds to win the NFC North Championship +125

2022 Los Angeles Rams – CashBet Odds Analysis

At the onset of almost every season in any sport, the defending champion will open as the best sportsbook online favorite.  And the Rams are among the top picks to win the 2022 season Super Bowl.  Offsetting those expectations is the question of a letdown.  Specifically, will the Rams be able to maintain their edge?

Los Angeles walked a tightrope to the Super Bowl championship.  The balance of a world championship is extremely delicate.  Certainly, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs can testify to that.  Overall, the NFL has never had more good teams.  There is no margin for error in a Betting on Super Bowl matchup.

Consider that the Cincinnati Bengals made the Super Bowl.  And they nearly upset the Rams on Super Sunday.  With that in mind, smart handicappers are right to question whether the Rams offer substantive value.  Wise Guys are more than likely to say that Los Angeles will NOT repeat.  Of course, the Rams can do so.  But the rest of the league is capable too.

To illustrate, the 2021 Los Angeles Rams were on the ropes multiple times.  In the divisional round against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Rams were on the verge of a Super Bowl betting odds collapse.  However, Tampa Bay inexplicably called a blitz in the final seconds.  And then Matthew Stafford found Cooper Kupp downfield for a big play that set up a game-winning field goal.

Next, the Rams were really in trouble in the NFC championship game.  Especially when Stafford threw a sure interception at San Francisco 49ers safety Jaquiski Tartt.  But Tartt dropped it.  The Rams rallied from a 17-7 fourth-quarter Super Bowl betting deficit to win.

Finally, In Super Bowl LVI, the Rams trailed again.  They needed to convert a fourth-and-1 in the fourth quarter, or they’d have been beaten.  But with everything on the line, the Rams got it.  The Rams’ title hopes were barely alive after a third-and-goal incompletion.  But Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Logan Wilson was called for a questionable holding penalty on the play.  Kupp scored after that, and the Rams won a championship.

The moral of the story is that the NFL can be a roulette wheel.  What if the Buccaneers didn’t let down in the final minute?  Or what if Tartt catches a wayward pass?  Or what if an official decides that Wilson’s coverage on Kupp didn’t deserve a penalty?  Consider if the Rams had to play an NFC championship game in frigid Green Bay instead of at home.  Indeed, things could be very different at this moment.

But when Lady Luck arrived in the playoffs, she took the Rams’ side more often.  That’s football.  Legacies can change entirely because a safety drops an interception.  Or a Super Bowl opponent can’t put the game away with a first down it needs.  Again, it’s a high-wire act.

On the whole, the Rams should be really good.  But can they have all of the breaks fall their way again?  If anything, the Rams are due for some bad bounces and luck reversal in 2022.


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