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2022 Green Bay Packers CashBet Futures Odds, Betting Preview and Analysis

Green Bay Packers CashBet Futures Odds

Since the arrival of Brett Favre almost 30 years ago, the Packers have had great quarterbacking.  Aaron Rodgers followed Favre and has rewritten the Packers record book in several categories.  Yet, the Packers have made only three Super Bowl best appearances for all their success.  Since 1998 the Pack made only one Super Bowl, beating the Steelers.  Aaron Rodgers has that lone ring but had the chance for several more.  And that is what is so annoying to fans and gamblers.  Certainly, the Pack could have brought home several more Lombardi Trophies.  

2022 Futures Odds Green Bay Packers

When: The 2022 NFL Season Opens on Thursday, September 8, 2022

Green Bay Packers CashBet Futures Odds Over/Under Win Total 10.5
Odds to win the Super Bowl +1140
Odds to win the NFC Championship +500
Odds to win the NFC North Championship -165

2022 Green Bay Packers CashBet Odds Overview – A Consistent Formula

Green Bay has been in the hunt almost every season for the past two decades.  Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers are considered their greatest quarterbacks.  Yet Bart Starr won five NFL titles in his career.  Starr also beat the sportsbook odds in history’s first two Super Bowls.  Favre and Rodgers put up the gaudy passing numbers.  But Starr got the bling.

Green Bay has had a tried and true betting on Super Bowl formula since the early 2000s.  Accordingly, the Pack relies on a great quarterback and builds around him.  While that formula has put Green Bay in contention every season, it has proven to have its limits.  The Packers have often failed to have a complete team.  Especially on defense and in the backfield.  Green Bay has thrown itself into the playoffs almost every year.  But they lacked the finishing pieces to go all the way.

Gamblers love the Packers for their consistency.  Most important of all, the Packers have been a good Super Bowl betting odds value.  Specifically, Green Bay has been a reliable bet at Lambeau Field through the years.  At least in the regular season.  But their playoff failures on the Frozen Tundra have left fans and gamblers crestfallen.

Looking Ahead to the 2022 Packer Season

As mentioned earlier, the Packers have won a Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers.  It’s not easy to win even one with an all-time great quarterback.  But as the years go on, the Packers’ story repeats itself.  They’re great in the regular season, only to lose a playoff game in a crushing way.  And then they spend the offseason hearing about their failures as an organization for winning only one title with Rodgers.

Indeed, the loss to the San Francisco 49ers in last season’s playoffs as a number one seed was a stunning blow.  The offense stalled, and the special teams were awful.  Consider that a blocked punt in the fourth quarter was the biggest play in the game.  Aaron Rodgers walked off in defeat at Lambeau Field on a cold night.  Many in Green Bay wondered if that was the end of an era.  In brief, it felt like a funeral.

“We truly had a Super Bowl-caliber team,” Rodgers said after the game.  “In other years, it feels like sometimes you need things to go your way, but that didn’t feel like this season.”

But gamblers would counter only a team that makes the Super Bowl is a Super Bowl betting team.  Following another offseason of drama, Rodgers is back.  But the Pack is not all back.  It doesn’t mean they’re worse, but it will look different without receiver Davante Adams.  Rodgers signed a new deal on March 8 to return.  He made peace with upper management after several months of speculation.  However, the Packers shocked the NFL ten days later by trading Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders. 

As a result, that trade leaves the 2022 Packers in an interesting spot.  They have a quarterback who has won NFL MVP two years in a row.  But Rogers is surrounded by a roster built for a running game and improved defense.


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