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Dallas Cowboys 2022 Betting Analysis and Odds

Dallas Cowboys 2022 Betting Analysis and Odds by CashBet Sportsbook

Jerry Jones giveth and taketh.  The Dallas Cowboys owner is enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  However, Jones rocks the coveted gold jacket for his business acumen.  As much as he wishes otherwise.  Jones desperately wants to be known as a great football man.  But the Super Bowl best record indicates he is not.  The Dallas Cowboys have won three Super Bowls with Jones.  But all three of those champions were stocked by former coach Jimmy Johnson.  Since Johnson’s departure in the spring of 1994, things have never been the same.

2022 Futures Odds Dallas Cowboys

When: The 2022 NFL Season Opens on Thursday, September 8, 2022

Dallas Cowboys CashBet Futures Odds Over/Under Win Total 10.5
Odds to win the Super Bowl +1920
Odds to win the NFC Championship +800
Odds to win the NFC North Championship -130

CashBet NFL Odds Analysis – America’s Team

In 1978 NFL Films titled the highlight film of the 1977 Cowboys Super Bowl season “America’s Team.”  And the moniker has stuck ever since.  The Dallas Cowboys are both loved and hated.  But hot passion runs both ways on the issue.  Most important of all, the Cowboys generate tremendous sportsbook activity.  No other team in any sport comes close.

Namely, Jerry Jones has a lot to do with building America’s Team image.  Jones is a Hall of Fame football businessman and showman.  He is a genius at keeping the Cowboys in the betting on Super Bowl news cycle.  Indeed, Jones has a fawning compliant press sucking up his every word.  And these “journalists” pound out columns about how this is the year of the Cowboys.  Every year.

Since 1996, the Cowboys have not made a Super Bowl.  Caretaker coach Barry Switzer hoisted their last Lombardi Trophy.  But it was with Jimmy Johnson’s players.  As soon as Johnson left, Jerry Jones became the “general manager.”  And it has been more amateur hour and fantasy football than not.  Of great concern is that Jerry has not beaten the Super Bowl betting odds without Jimmy.  And make no mistake, it eats at the owner.

Last year the Cowboys showed marked improvement to win the NFC East.  Second-year head coach Mike McCarthy did much to redeem himself after suffering through an injury-ravaged 2020 campaign.  But Dallas suffered a Super Bowl betting flop in the playoffs to the San Francisco 49ers.  Dallas self-imploded with numerous mistakes and botched clock management.

Following the debacle, Jones was enraged.  McCarthy was left twisting in the wind for a couple of weeks.  Jones grudgingly brought him back.  But only because he couldn’t find a better alternative.

At the onset of 2022, there is a dream alternative for Jones.  Former Cowboys assistant and New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton is on the sidelines.  Payton walked away from the Saints at the end of last season.  Jones loves Payton.  And McCarthy is on notice.

2022 Dallas Cowboys Overview 

An NFL team can play a full season and look like the best team in football at times.  But then that same team can lose in the playoffs, and everything else is forgotten.  The Cowboys were good enough to be the best team in the NFL last season.  Yet they flopped when it mattered most.

What gamblers and fans recall from the 2021 Cowboys is the 23-17 loss to the San Francisco 49ers.  And a stupid quarterback draw that killed the clock.  While it’s not entirely fair to judge an entire season of work on one loss, that’s life in the NFL.  It was crushing.  Subsequently, Dak Prescott said he still thought about the loss constantly.

Since a 1996 wild-card round win over the Minnesota Vikings, Dallas is 3-10 in the playoffs.  Bad playoff losses won’t be forgiven easily if you have three playoff wins over two and a half decades.  Especially with a fanbase of “America’s team.”

Dallas will probably take a step back after losing some good players in the offseason.  But they’re still good enough to make the playoffs.


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