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AFC South Predictions 2022: Best Bets, Football Betting and Favorite Odds

AFC South Predictions 2022 Best Bets Football Betting and Favorite Odds

AFC South Predictions 2022 – The AFC South Division has always received attention, especially last season since they have two of the worst NFL teams. The Houston Texans and the Jacksonville Jaguars turned out to be a huge disappointment as they finished at the bottom of the table. Texas and the Jaguars were no match for the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans. However, they are hoping for a better season this time. The 2022 NFL betting predictions are updated online for this exciting season.

Can the Jags Make it to the Playoffs

The Jacksonville Jaguars are still not predicted to make it to the playoffs this season. The Jags are once again going to struggle as they have no major changes to their squad. Trevor Lawrence was unable to perform well and the whole Jacksonville team looked like a terrible mess. The Jags hired Urban Meyer as their head coach and it turned out to be a bad decision.

Jacksonville also took Travan Walker out of Georgia in their 2022 NFL Draft. The Jags have a bad team last time and they also missed out on running back Travis Etienne. Lawrence will need to call the shots this time and hope to improve his team overall. Lawrence is expected to do better under the leadership of Dough Pederson. The Jags won three of their 17 games in total.

Long Shot for the Texans

As for the Houston Texans, they might have a long shot this season but they need to get past the Colts and the Titans. The Texans won only four games and they lost 13 in return. Houston has a lot of work to do with their team and they will also need to compete alongside the Jaguars. Some of the key players for the Texans are Jerry Hughes. Steven Nelson, Derek Stingly, Jr, etc. Lovie Smith will need to step up with his guidance to lead his team to victory.

Rookie QB Davis Mills managed to play the most but he needed more support from all ends. Mills did a decent job for his team despite being a rookie. Millis is expected to play a more crucial role this time. Competing against some of the other opponents is not going to be easy for Mills. This can be a tough shot for the Texans to sustain to the end.

Indianapolis Colts to Take Over the Titans

The Indianapolis Colts have secured the second spot last season with a 9-8 record. The Colts have performed well, but they were three games behind the Tennessee Titans. However, the Colts are predicted to be one of the top teams this season due to their strong performance. The Colts have talented players on their squad and they also have Matt Ryan as their new addition. Indianapolis will turn to their powerful offense and are all set to give the Titans a surprise.

The NFL 2022 season betting lines are open and bettors are already placing their bets on their favorite teams. The chances of the Colts getting to the top is pretty high. At CashBet, we provide some of the best betting odds and lines for bettors to place their best bets on their favorite teams. Our prop bets are also updated frequently for every sport. 


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