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Hockey Betting

Montreal Canadiens vs. Pittsburgh Penguins Latest odds, picks

Montreal Canadiens vs. Pittsburgh Penguins NHL Betting Preview and Odds (August 1)

A clear difference is seen in the records of Pittsburgh and Montreal.  Penguin backers will pay full retail for one of the NHL’s top teams.  Canadiens supporters believe they have a goaltender that can steal games.  Thus, the stark hockey betting divide.  Montreal is in this post-COVID-19 tournament as the last entry.  Under normal circumstances,…...
Philadelphia Flyers vs. Boston Bruins NHL betting preview, odds and picks

Philadelphia Flyers vs. Boston Bruins Hockey Betting Odds, Predictions and Analysis | August 2, 2020

At the beginning, it was announced that there would be 12 teams per conference making the NHL restart.  Of great concern was potential idle time for the top four teams in each conference.  Thus, the round-robin format.  This makes for meaningful hockey betting action during the preliminary round.  Further, it takes away any advantage that…...
NHL Preliminary Round Betting Odds

NHL Preliminary Round Best of the Best Series and Bets!

Hockey in August?  Well, ice is always nice in the dog days of summer.  Especially if its playoff hockey ice.  For all of the criticism, it gets the NHL is universally acclaimed for its playoffs.  In fact, the Stanley Cup Playoffs are rated the best in pro sports.  It is that very reputation that makes…...
NHL Betting Set for July 30 Return

NHL Set for July 30 Betting Return with Immediate Playoffs!

Unlike to the NBA and MLB, the NHL will not have a shortened “regular season.”  Instead, the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs will commence.  Rather than a condensed regular season to eliminate teams, four additional teams were added.  Meanwhile, each Conference brings the top 12 teams in the standings.  The top four teams in the Eastern…...
NHL Approves Reopening Plan 2020

NHL Approves Reopening Plan with – Opening Round Matchups Set

On the whole NHL fans can take pride that their game was first. Of all the team sports it was hockey that got its COVID-19 return plan approved ahead of the others. To be exact 24 teams will be on the board with the NHL betting odds. Both the Eastern and Western Conferences will feature…...