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NHL Preliminary Round Best of the Best Series and Bets!

NHL Preliminary Round Betting Odds

Hockey in August?  Well, ice is always nice in the dog days of summer.  Especially if its playoff hockey ice.  For all of the criticism, it gets the NHL is universally acclaimed for its playoffs.  In fact, the Stanley Cup Playoffs are rated the best in pro sports.  It is that very reputation that makes hockey betting quite popular in the postseason.  Even non-hockey fans will watch and bet the playoffs.  Supplementing that is the unique 2020 playoff format.  Each Conference will play 12 teams per side.  This is once in a lifetime type of material!

Featured NHL Preliminary Round Matchups and CashBet Series Odds Prices

#5 Pittsburgh Penguins -230 vs. #12 Montreal Canadiens +190

In this situation, fifth place Pittsburgh is 40-23-6.  Penguins metrics are 10th for goals, 16th for the power play, 12th for goals against and 10th for penalty killing.

Cause by a 31-31-8 record is Montreal the last Eastern Conference seed.  Canadiens rankings are 19th for goals, 22nd for power play, 19th for goals against, and 19th for penalty killing.

Owing to eight wins in 11 games vs. Montreal are the Penguins solid Betting on hockey chalk.  Just one of the last six between these teams went over the total.

Hockey is the one pro sport where big underdogs can shock the world.  Contrarily major upsets are the rule rather than the exception.  Montreal goaltender Carey Price makes for a potential Pittsburgh nightmare.  Cause by his past Hart, Vezina, and Jennings Trophy Awards.  Overall Price ranks near the top as a man that can steal a series.  At this price, the Habs are worth a shot!

#6 Carolina Hurricanes -140 vs. #11 New York Rangers +120

Carolina is the sixth-place team in the Eastern Conference at 38-25-5.  In turn, the Hurricanes have NHL metrics of 11th for goals scored and 11th for goals against.  Carolina ranks eighth for the power play and fourth for penalty killing.

Counter to that is New York at 11th place in the Eastern Conference.  In sum, they are 37-28-5.  NHL metrics have the Rangers fifth for goals, seventh for power play, 23rd for goals against, and 23rd for penalty killing.

Late on the Rangers have won 10 of their last 12 sportsbook matchups with the Hurricanes.  Four of the last six in this series went under the total.

Playoff hockey requires a commitment to defense and quality goaltending that the Rangers lack.  Correlate the impressive Carolina balance.

#7 New York Islanders -115 vs. #10 Florida Panthers -105

Fashion the seventh-place Islanders at 35-23-10.  New York is 22nd for goals, 24th for power play, ninth for goals against, and 15th for penalty killing.

In opposition to the Islanders is a 35-26-8 10th place Panthers team.  Florida ranks sixth for goals, 12th for power play, 28th for goals against, and 20th for penalty killing.

To show the Islanders have won four straight NHL betting matchups against the Panthers.  None of the last eight games between these teams cleared the total.

In like manner to the Rangers, Florida lacks the defense and goaltending required for Stanley Cup success.  In comparison, the goal-scoring challenged Isles shut it down like few other teams.

#8 Calgary Flames -120 vs. #9 Winnipeg Jets EVEN

The eighth place in the West is Calgary at 26-27-7.  A further look has the Flames 20th for goals and 17th for goals against.  Calgary is 11th for the power play and eighth for penalty killing.

In a similar way are the Jets 37-28-6.  Winnipeg ranks 17th for goals, 15th for power play, 10th for goals against, and 22nd for penalty killing.

Correspondingly Winnipeg has won four of their last six betting on NHL matchups with Calgary.  Seven of the last nine between the Jets and Flames went under the total.

Winnipeg and Calgary are considered to be the best opening-round series.  Along the same lines is fierce handicapping debate.  More empathically the Jets are the better team at a superior price.

CASHBET NHL Best Bets:  Montreal Canadiens, Carolina Hurricanes, New York Islanders, Winnipeg Jets


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