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NHL Set for July 30 Betting Return with Immediate Playoffs!

NHL Betting Set for July 30 Return

Unlike to the NBA and MLB, the NHL will not have a shortened “regular season.”  Instead, the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs will commence.  Rather than a condensed regular season to eliminate teams, four additional teams were added.  Meanwhile, each Conference brings the top 12 teams in the standings.  The top four teams in the Eastern and Western Conference will get first-round byes.  While the remaining eight teams in each conference will have a best of five preliminary series.  This leads to many unknown factors with the NHL odds.  Handicappers consider 2020 the most challenging playoff ever.

2020 CashBet Stanley Cup Odds Betting Analysis

Initially, there are two sports betting concerns gamblers have voiced.  Preliminary round matchups should be extra intense with the shorter best of five series format.  Will this lead to the possibility of more upsets?  Second on the minds of handicappers are the bye teams.  Will they be at a disadvantage against preliminary round teams?  That first round of games could prove advantageous for teams that advance to the second round.  In view of the highly unusual circumstances for 2020, Stanley Cup Playoffs chalk may prove deadly.  Some gamblers say they will take nothing but dogs!

Eastern Conference Seedings and Matchups

First Round Byes:  1-Boston Bruins 2-Tampa Bay Lightning, 3-Washington Capitals, 4-Philadelphia Flyers

5-Pittsburgh Penguins (-205) vs. 12-Montreal Canadiens (+175)

On the whole, this would appear to be a mismatch.  But Montreal goaltender Carey Price can win games virtually by himself.  Sidney Crosby and the Pens bring more ability but a heavy price tag.

6-Carolina Hurricanes (-140) vs. 11-New York Rangers (+120)

To begin with the Rangers back end and goaltending were subpar.  New York does boast offense and skill.  Carolina plays with better structure and defense.

7-New York Islanders (-120) vs. 10-Florida Panthers (+100)

Both of these teams play in extremes.  Commencing with the Islanders is a strong defense but weak offensive firepower.  Florida doesn’t play defense.  However, they have plenty of skill and scoring ability.

8- Toronto Maple Leafs (-160) vs. 9-Columbus Blue Jackets (+140)

Plodding Columbus works for everything they get.  By contrast, the talent-rich Maple Leafs often luxuriate on the back end.  Toronto is hockey’s ultimate broken promise outfit.

Western Conference Seedings and Matchups

First Round Byes:  1-St. Louis Blues, 2-Colorado Avalanche, 3-Vegas Golden Knights, 4-Dallas Stars

5-Edmonton Oilers (-160) vs. 12-Chicago Blackhawks (+140)

Namely superstar Connor McDavid gives the Oilers a huge advantage with the 2020 Stanley Cup Betting Odds.  Chicago has no realistic chance for the Stanley Cup.  All they are in the 12th team in the West.

6-Nashville Predators (-140) vs. 11-Arizona Coyotes (+120)

Nashville is no longer a defensive stalwart.  More emphatically the Predators now try to outscore opponents.  In turn, the Coyotes rely on shutdown tactics to cover for lack of scoring.  In contrast to other series, this may be the trickiest to handicap.

7-Vancouver Canucks (-130) vs. 10-Minnesota Wild (+110)

As a consequence of firing head coach Bruce Boudreau did Minnesota move up fast.  Following a strong first half of the season, Vancouver began to fade when play stopped.

8-Calgary Flames (-120) vs. 9-Winnipeg Jets (+100)

Most gamblers and hockey aficionados consider this the best preliminary round matchup.  Winnipeg has a better lineup.  Correlate the belief that the Jets underachieved in the regular season.  Yet resourceful Calgary finds ways to win when it shouldn’t.

CASHBET Best Bets:  Edmonton Oilers, Minnesota Wild, Carolina Hurricanes


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