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Finally, the NBA Has Roadmap for July Return to Action

NBA to Return to Action in July 2020

Better late than never. More emphatically it’s about time! NBA owners and players have come to an agreement for return to action. A 22-team format with the NBA betting odds may seem odd on the surface. But the Association decided to include any team that had a remote shot at the playoffs when play stopped. “Opening Day” will be July 31 from Orlando, Florida. Most important of all the NBA will reap the financial awards of its TV contract. A lost season would have been a billion-dollar mistake.

“I’m Going to Disneyworld”

All NBA games for this return will take place at the Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. At first, no fans will be allowed to attend games. And there is no indication that they will ever be allowed as the format progresses. Each team will play eight “regular season” games. Following those sports betting matchups, each conference will seed its top seven teams. The eight and nine seeds could meet in a play-in series if the nine seed is within four games of the eight. From this point, the final eight seeds in the Eastern and Western Conference will meet in the best of seven series.

Some fans and media were hoping for an inter-conference one through a 16-seeded playoff format. Instead, the league decided to stick with its traditional Eastern and Western Conference formats. All told the NBA’s return season could last all the way to October 12 with Game Seven of the Finals if necessary. Other key dates will be the August 25 NBA Draft lottery. Next will be the October 15 will be the NBA Draft. Free agency will open on October 18. It follows that training campo for the 2020-21 season will open November 10. Opening night for the new season will be December 1.

2020 Odds to Win the NBA Finals: Los Angeles Lakers +250, Milwaukee Bucks +250, Los Angeles Clippers +333, Houston Rockets +1200, Boston Celtics +2000, Toronto Raptors +2400, Denver Nuggets +2500, Miami Heat +2700, Philadelphia 76ers +2700, Utah Jazz +2900, Dallas Mavericks +3600, Brooklyn Nets +6000, All other teams +10000 or greater

Eastern Conference Teams and Current Seeding: 1-Milwaukee Bucks, 2-Toronto Raptors, 3-Boston Celtics, 4-Miami Heat, 5-Indiana Pacers, 6-Philadelphia 76ers, 7-Brooklyn Nets, 8-Orlando Magic, 9-Washington Wizards

Western Conference Teams and Current Seeding: 1-Los Angeles Lakers, 2-Los Angeles Clippers, 3-Denver Nuggets, 4- Utah Jazz, 5-Oklahoma City Thunder, 6-Houston Rockets, 7-Dallas Mavericks, 8-Memphis Grizzlies, 9-Portland Trail Blazers, 10-New Orleans Pelicans, 11-Sacramento Kings, 12-San Antonio Spurs, 13-Phoenix Suns

Eastern Conference Overview

At the onset, the Bucks are an understandable NBA betting favorite in the East. What is most interesting about Milwaukee is their consistent wagering value despite their increased public popularity. Also impressing gamblers is the full court excellence of the Bucks. Milwaukee boasts the highest-scoring offense in the NBA. Defensively they rank fifth for points allowed. Of course, the 2019 NBA most valuable player Giannis Antetokounmpo adds to the appeal.

Boston and Toronto are the most realistic alternatives to the Bucks. In spite of losing Kawhi Leonard, the Raptors have maintained their championship form. Boston has returned to the team basketball that it originally played under coach Brad Stevens. What’s more, the departure of Kyrie Irving has made the Celtics stronger. The defense is the bedrock of Boston’s success. Philadelphia could be the best of the rest powered by elite center Joel Embiid.

Western Conference Overview

Specifically, the city of Los Angeles hosts the two favorites of the West. Far and away the old money Lakers and new money Clippers top the charts. Kawhi Leonard’s arrival from Toronto has transformed the Clippers. While Anthony Davis has proven to be the perfect sidekick for LeBron James and the Lakers. Comparable to one year ago the Lakers defense has been significantly upgraded. Hence that could prove to be the championship difference. Counter to that is a Clippers defense just slightly above average.

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