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Is this the Year the Chiefs AFC West Dynasty Ends?

2022 AFC West - NFL CashBet Odds

Since 2016 the Chiefs have won the AFC West championship every season.  And with Patrick Mahomes back as the quarterback, it’s no surprise they are favored to continue that streak.  However, the Chiefs will have a much more challenging Super Bowl best path in 2022.  The Broncos, Chargers, and Raiders are all improved.  Thus, none of the AFC West teams have a margin for error.  An injury, poor performance, bad luck, or unexpected events can change the course of events.  Gamblers have found future market handicapping to be a major challenge for the 2022 AFC West.

2022 Futures Odds

When: The 2022 NFL Season Opens on Thursday, September 8, 2022

2022 AFC West Future CashBet Odds

Kansas City Chiefs +150
Los Angeles Chargers +250
Denver Broncos +260
Las Vegas Raiders +600
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2022 AFC West CashBet Odds Analysis

In this era of parity, the Chiefs’ streak of six consecutive AFC West titles is astounding.  Kansas City won two AFC championships and a Super Bowl in that span.  While the Chiefs have been undeniably dynamic, they have taken advantage of a weak AFC West.  Denver has been down the entire cycle of the Chiefs’ division dynasty.  So too, have the Raiders been off most of those years.  Only recently have the Chargers perked up.

Gamblers have all of this ingrained in their brains.  Kansas City has been such a best sportsbook online power that their favorite status is no surprise.

Wise Guys love the AFC West Betting on Super Bowl future board this summer.  Cause by the parity of the division and how it is vastly improved.  In fact, the AFC West is rated as the most improved division in the NFL.  Sharps believe they can find a quality AFC West team at a bargain price.  The challenge is to not overreact to one of the challengers to the Chiefs.  Denver is getting plenty of love based on the arrival of Russell Wilson.  Additionally, the Chargers are seen as all upside with the Super Bowl betting odds.  And the Raiders are coming off a playoff season.

How Good are the Chiefs? 

Last year the Chiefs blew what should have been a third consecutive Super Bowl betting appearance.  Kansas City had the AFC championship in hand before imploding against the upstart and underdog Cincinnati Bengals.  The game exposed some weaknesses of the Chiefs.  Specifically, KC’s defense was not of championship caliber.  And the offense has been too reliant upon Mahomes magic for years.  Kansas City was impressive at aggressively addressing its problems in the offseason.

Superman Arrives in Mile High City

Naturally, Russell Wilson makes the Denver Broncos an instant contender.  Wilson became a one-man team with the Seahawks at the end of his tenure.  Most important of all, Wilson will be complemented by a much better defense at Denver than what he had in Seattle.

Chargers Failed to Meet 2021 Expectations

Los Angeles disappointed in 2021 by blowing the playoffs in the final regular-season game at the Raiders.  But with Justin Herbert at quarterback, the Chargers are all upside.  LA has everything necessary for an AFC West title.  Except for the experience of the Chiefs.

Silver and in the Black?

Namely, Josh McDaniels arrives as the new Raiders head coach.  McDaniels was the Patriots’ offensive coordinator, where he helped develop rookie quarterback Mac Jones into an AFC East playoff QB.


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