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Gamblers Split Tickets on 2022 AFC North Betting Race 

2022 Futures Odds – AFC North Division

On the whole, the AFC North arguably has the most interesting race of any division.  The Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, and Cleveland Browns are the co-favorites.  Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Steelers are an attractive Super Bowl best dark horse.  Starting with the Browns is plenty of news and speculation.  Cleveland traded a boatload of draft picks for troubled Houston quarterback Deshaun Watson.  And it could blow up in Cleveland’s face.  Pittsburgh may have a hot rookie quarterback under center.  Baltimore is out to redeem itself.  In comparison, the Bengals won’t catch anyone napping.

2022 Futures Odds – AFC North Division

When: The 2022 NFL Season Opens on Thursday, September 8, 2022

AFC North CashBet Future Super Bowl Odds

Baltimore Ravens +2080
Cincinnati Bengals +2120
Cleveland Browns +2300
Pittsburgh Steelers +8400
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AFC North CashBet AFC Championship Odds

Cleveland Browns +1000
Baltimore Ravens +1100
Cincinnati Bengals +1100
Pittsburgh Steelers +4000
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AFC North CashBet Division Championship Odds

Baltimore Ravens +2000
Cleveland Browns +2000
Cincinnati Bengals +2000
Pittsburgh Steelers +850
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AFC North Cashbet Team Win Totals:

Cincinnati Bengals 10
Baltimore Ravens 9.5
Pittsburgh Steelers +7.5
Cleveland Browns TBD
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It’s Elementary, Watson

From the moment the Browns acquired Deshaun Watson was the potential of best sportsbook online trouble.  Sure enough, problems began from the moment the deal was announced.  At the onset was the petulant attitude from 2021 starting quarterback Baker Mayfield.  In 2020 Mayfield was a hero for leading the Browns to the AFC Playoffs.  But in 2021, he was a zero for Cleveland falling back into mediocrity.

Mayfield has not yet shown the maturity needed by a quality NFL quarterback.  Yet he brings an entitlement mentality.  Watson’s arrival set Mayfield off.  Mayfield wants an immediate trade elsewhere.

Now is the probability that the Browns will have to beg Mayfield back on bended knee.  Watson is in hot water over multiple sexual assault allegations.  Those matters were quieted down at the time of his trade.  But the Browns and Watson have not been able to put a lid on it.  Accordingly, Watson will likely be suspended from the 2022 Betting on Super Bowl season.  How Cleveland could not foresee this trouble is astounding.

No Surprises This Year for Bengals

Last year the Cincinnati Bengals had a tremendous Super Bowl betting odds advantage as a surprise team.  Nobody saw the Bengals coming.  But that will not be the case in the 2022 season.  Cincinnati will have everyone’s full attention as the defending AFC champions.   Of course, the irony is that the Bengals could be a better team this season but not go as far.

Ravens Seek Recovery from Epic Collapse

Of great concern is how the Ravens went from a surefire 2021 playoff team to out of the money by season’s end.  Baltimore’s December collapse has not cost them support in the Super Bowl betting future market.  But it is not like everyone has abandoned ship on Baltimore either.

Namely, Lamar Jackson remains a draw to fans and gamblers.  The 2019 NFL Most Valuable Player was touted to have remade the game back then.  However, Jackson and the Ravens have never recovered from their 2019 AFC Playoff debacle against the Tennessee Titans.  Baltimore lost to Tennessee as the top seed at home.  Jackson was rendered helpless.  NFL betting teams studied the tape of that game.  And Jackson has been neutralized ever since.

Shiny New Steel in Pittsburgh  

At the beginning of the offseason was the announcement that Ben Roethlisberger had retired as the Steeler quarterback.  Big Ben has a future date in Canton, Ohio, with a Yellow Hall of Fame jacket.  Of great concern for Pittsburgh was his replacement.

First-round draft pick Kenny Pickett was a 2021 Heisman Trophy finalist from the University of Pittsburgh.  Pickett is touted as the Steelers’ quarterback of the future.  Mitch Trubisky is said to be the temporary starter.  But Steelers fans are already screaming for their hometown hero and presumptive savior.


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