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Chiefs, Bengals, Bills, and 49ers Lead Challengers to Eagles

2023-24 Super Bowl Championship Future CashBet Odds

While the Chiefs have the best all-around player at the most important position, the Eagles appear to be the best team in the NFL.  General manager Howie Roseman has built a veteran-laden roster that can enable the Eagles to challenge for the top betting on NFL power rating.  Indeed, the best part of being an Eagles fan must be seeing the roster improving in waves.  Jalen Carter and Nolan Smith will eventually replace the team’s current veterans, and every position has quality backups.  Most important of all, QB Jalen Hurts is locked up and loaded.

2023 NFL Post Draft

Super Bowl Championship Future Odds  

When:  Season Opens Thursday, September 8, 2023; Super Bowl LVIII is Sunday, February 11, 2014

2023-24 Super Bowl Championship Future CashBet Odds:  Kansas City Chiefs +600, Philadelphia Eagles +850, San Francisco 49ers +950, Buffalo Bills +900, Cincinnati Bengals +1000, New York Jets +1400, Dallas Cowboys +1400, Baltimore Ravens +1800, Detroit Lions +2200, Jacksonville Jaguars +2500, Los Angeles Chargers +2500, Miami Dolphins +2500, Cleveland Browns +2800, Denver Broncos +3500, New Orleans Saints +3500, Minnesota Vikings +4000, Green Bay Packers +4000, New York Giants +4400, Seattle Seahawks +4500, All Other Teams +5500 or Higher

Super Chiefs Primed to Defend Title

The defending Super Bowl champion Chiefs maintained their high ranking.  To illuminate, Kansas City secured a draft class that uniquely fits their team’s needs.  First-round action brought Felix Anudike-Uzomah, a super athletic speed rusher who can help the Chiefs close out games.  Especially when they force opponents into a 10-point hole.

Second-round selection Rashee Rice is a receiver who can slot into just about any position.  As gamblers move down each round, the Chiefs also nabbed a hybrid safety-corner for their defense and another project pass rusher.  Most important of all, Kansas City self-scouts better than anyone.  And that is why they remain on top of the league.

Cincinnati Bengals Reload for Super Challenge

The Bengals look to have come out of the draft’s first three rounds with two starters.  Specifically, cornerback DJ Turner II and safety Jordan Battl.  Also, they took Betting on football projects in the first and fourth rounds, which may help them replace stalwarts long term when they become too expensive.  Namely, they are Myles Murphy of Clemson on the Edge and burner Charlie Jones, out of Purdue.

Gamblers Expect Buffalo to Pay the Bills

To summarize, the Bills seriously upgraded their offense on multiple fronts.  And they added a ton of NFL bets physicality.  That pertains to second-round pick guard O’Cyrus Torrence and almost every one of their offensive players.  Everyone brings an edge.  First-pick Dalton Kincaid is a tight end–wide receiver hybrid.  Also, Justin Shorter, the wide receiver out of Florida, is massive and will be a problem for smaller defensive backs.

49ers Seek to Build on Surprise Season

With their slew of mid-round picks, the 49ers took swings at positions of need.  One of the best picks was a uniquely coach Kyle Shanahan kind of move.  To illustrate, the 49ers drafted Brayden Willis, the H-back out of Oklahoma.  Willis is multi-dimensional and can play two positions effectively.  In like manner to everyone else in the San Francisco offense.

Jets Seek Takeoff to Super Bowl

Following months of haggling and negotiations, Aaron Rodgers has arrived from the Green Bay Packers as the Jets QB savior.  At least, that is what New York hopes is the case.  Of course, this is a repeat of a similar movie from 2008 when Brett Favre arrived from the Packers.  Despite the NFL Betting odds hype, the move amounted to nothing.

Meanwhile, at the 2023 NFL Draft, some gamblers were frustrated with the Will McDonald pick.  While it seems pretty clear the Jets were leapfrogged for the last value tackle on the board, they added a lot of speed and athleticism to their roster.  Certainly, Israel Abanikanda is a special player out of Pitt.  And he reminds bettors of the prototypical lean and fastbacks the 49ers have churned out over the years.


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