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2021 Michigan Wolverines Betting Odds, Latest News and Predictions

2021 Michigan Wolverines Betting Odds

In 2015 the University of Michigan was celebrating a dream come true.  Favorite son and former star quarterback Jim Harbaugh was coming home. Harbaugh rode in on the white horse as the shining knight set to save the football program.  Indeed, “Khaki Jesus” could do no wrong and was the biggest show in college football betting.  Harbaugh hit Ann Arbor like a force of nature.  And he wasn’t shy about his expectations.  Further, he emerged as an expert Twitter Troll.  Much to the chagrin of enemy fans and coaches.

2021 Michigan Wolverines Betting Odds

Odds to win National Championship: +5000
Odds to win Big Ten Conference: +1600
2021 Regular Season Win Total: 8

2021 Michigan Wolverines Team Overview

At the onset, Jim Harbaugh‘s southern football camps enraged the SEC.  But they also shook them out of complacency.  And then Harbaugh went to work.  He signed top-ranked recruiting classes in gala celebration events attended by celebrities.

In his first two seasons, Harbaugh took college football by storm.  Specifically, Michigan was on the brink of a berth in the 2016 College Football Playoff.  But a controversial overtime loss at Ohio State shook Harbaugh and the Maize and Blue faithful to the core.  Things have never been the same since that online sportsbook heartbreaker.

Following the gut-wrenching 2016 loss at Ohio State, Harbaugh seemed to withdraw.  He stopped tweeting, stopped boasting, and lost much of his braggadocio. And then recruiting began to slip.  Furthermore, the physical nature of Harbaugh’s teams turned soft.  A sense of entitlement began to erode the Michigan foundation.  Highly ranked recruits and many respected coaches fled to other locations.  In turn, those departures left questions about the high turnover rates.  And the potential burnout scenarios of players and coaches.

A Long Overdue Comeuppance

Last year the betting on college football roof finally caved in.  Michigan finished 2-4 and was often outclassed.  In fact, the Wolverines were often rendered helpless on the field.  Harbaugh fired respected defensive coordinator Don Brown.  Yet he retained offensive coordinator Josh Gattis.  Most experts believe Gattis is the true weak link on the staff.  Harbaugh hired a younger coaching staff in desperation after seeming to have lost the team in 2020.

The Fan Worm Turns

Michigan’s fan base and administration have grown weary of Harbaugh.  After trying to find an NFL life raft to escape, he had to take a pay cut to remain at Michigan.  Accordingly, the blind adulation is long gone.  Harbaugh is on the hot seat like everyone else.  Correlate his similar situation to past Michigan coaches Rich Rodriguez and Brady Hoke.

Specifically, part of the problem at Michigan is its media hype machine.  Many “journalists” got their degrees at Michigan.  They continue to gulp the Maize and Blue Kool-Aid.  To be exact, Michigan is annually hyped as a national championship contender.  But the reality of Michigan is that they have had one-half of a national championship since 1948.

Media members constantly say Michigan boasts the winningest program in college football history. Omitted is that most of that success came before television was invented. More emphatically, Michigan’s high opinion of itself has hurt the program.  The Wolverines give the impression of thinking their famous winged helmets will carry them to victory.  However, they keep getting reminded that college football doesn’t work that way.  But one wonders if the lesson will ever be learned.

Now it’s not realistic for fans and gamblers to expect a championship run out of Michigan in 2021.  There has simply been too much turnover on the roster and with the coaching staff.

A Quarterback Whisperer No More

One of the bet on NCAAF disappointments of the Harbaugh era has been his poor performance on quarterbacks.  Of great concern is his inability to find and develop a top-tier starter.  Last year Joe Milton and Cade McNamara were ineffective.  Now Milton is gone, and McNamara will try to fend off transfer competition to win the full-time job.

2021 Michigan Wolverines CashBet Free Pick  

In this situation, Michigan’s staff and roster turnover will be the ultimate Betting on NCAAF liability.

2021 Michigan CashBet Best Bet: 

Michigan Under 8 Wins


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