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What to Know About Breeders’ Cup Betting

What to Know About Breeders’ Cup Betting

It’s not the Triple Crown, but it’s something just as important – the Breeders’ Cup. It’s one of the biggest horse racing and (thus, horse gambling) events of the year. This isn’t like the Triple Crown in that it’s horses that are, for the most part, newcomers. Many of these horses come from the very best of the best. Of course, that makes the action all that much tighter. There are some things to keep in mind about Breeders’ Cup betting, which we’re sharing with you below. As ever, you can bet on all of the horse racing you could ever want at CashBet. 

Breeders’ Cup Betting: An Elite Field Indeed 

It’s one thing to say “oh, this is an elite field of some of the best horses on the planet.” When it comes to this year’s Breeders’ Cup, that’s actually something of an understatement. These are the very best of the best, all going against each other in Del Mar in Southern California this coming weekend. For example, out of nine horses, seven of them have already won a Grade 1 race. If you don’t know a whole lot about horse racing and think “that sounds impressive,” it is. 

Moreover, they’ve each earned more than one million in their careers, too. So, these horses know how to win, they know how to race. They’ve made plenty of money and now they can make money for you, should you bet on them and win. It’s important to note that, when someone says “hey, the Breeder’s Cup isn’t the Triple Crown,” but many of these horses have actually won legs in the Triple Crown. 

For example, Medina Spirit may sound familiar (for a variety of reasons) not the least of which is that this horse has won the Kentucky Derby. Additionally, Essential Quality is also racing, a winner of the Belmont Stakes. These are the best horses, ready to compete in some of the best racing imaginable. 

The Races Available 

“The Breeders’ Cup,” as it were, is not just one race. Rather, it’s actually nine separate championship races. As you might imagine, you can bet on each of these nine races right here at CashBet. Some of the more lucrative races throughout the day include the Breeders’ Cup Classic (for $6 million) and the Breeder’s Cup Turf ($4 million). 

That said, with nine races throughout the day, you’ve got plenty that you can choose from. For example, at 3:05 PM (or just after noon pacific) the fourth race is called the “Breeders’ Cup Filly and Mare Sprint.” At seven furlongs, this is a true spring for fillies and mares, from three years old and up. 

In each race, there are going to be favorites as well as long shots. As always, we encourage you to do all of your research, so that you can find the horse that’s exactly right for your betting needs. Specific to this particular race, for example, there’s Gamine. Gamine is the favorite in this race (at least, the horse is as of this writing) trained by legendary (and controversial) figure Bob Baffert. If Gamine isn’t the favorite in terms of odds, the horse certainly is in terms of accomplishments. With six wins spread across Grade 1 and Grade 2 races, that makes double for every other horse in the field.

However, there are plenty who believe the horse to watch for in this race is Bella Sofia. This horse comes from a noble, legendary lineage herself (the daughter of Awesome Patriot) and, perhaps better still, is currently sitting there at 5-2 to win. That could make this a lucrative bet for those who want to pick a winner while getting the big bucks. Good luck to you in all of the Breeders’ Cup races and beyond! 


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