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Bet Kentucky Derby 2023 at CashBet

Bet Kentucky Derby 2023 at CashBet

Bet Kentucky Derby 2023: Are you ready to race for the roses? Do you want to bet on the one horse race that just about everyone knows? The Kentucky Derby is unlike any other horse race. It’s probably the most popular horse race in the world. After all, it’s “the most exciting three minutes in sports.” That said, it can be even more exciting if you’re winning or if you have a chance to do so. That’s where we come in. Here at CashBet, you can bet on this race the way you want to bet on it. Whether you’re betting on the favorites, the longshots, or everyone in between, you can bet it right here. 

Bet Kentucky Derby 2023 Favorites 

If you’ve looked at the odds for the 2023 Kentucky Derby, there’s one horse that stands above the rest. Forte. Forte seems like, as we sit here today in May, ready to take his place among The Kentucky Derby legends. He’s not just the favorite; he’s a heavy favorite. The latest odds we have are 3-1. The next closest, Tapit Trice, comes in at 5-1. That’s steeper than it seems. So, Forte has to be the horse that’s going to win this thing going away, right? Forte will be the next Secretariat? As the great Lee Corso would say, (in an entirely different sport) “not so fast, my friend.” 

Perhaps there are some openings in Forte’s armor, so to speak. For example, yes, Forte has won the last five races he’s been in. No argument there. But, he hasn’t gotten faster as he goes. That might be a telling sign. Moreover, if you go back and look at the stats, the favorite of the Kentucky Derby doesn’t win all of the time. In fact, they don’t even win half of the time. When you crunch the numbers, the favorite wins about 38% of the time. 

Those are good numbers. If someone were to give you a bet with a 38% chance of winning, you might take it, right? And look, this all could be moot in a few days, should Forte run away with it as so many are expecting. But, if Forte doesn’t, if someone else comes up and wins the race, these are the kinds of things you may wish you’d thought of before betting on Forte. Forte is the frontrunner for a reason. For lots of reasons, actually. But, Forte isn’t the only horse in the race, either. 

Bet on Longshots and More 

OK, so if Forte isn’t your pick to win, who might be? The aforementioned Tripit Trice is a good horse, certainly. Indeed, in a year without a monster like Forte, the horse very well might be the favorite. It could even be a horse that sneaks up on you (and, well, Forte). Case in point: Derma Sotogake. This Japan-born horse looked awfully strong at the UAE Derby. That’s not the only reason that you might think about putting this horse as your winner this coming Saturday. 

If you like odds and what’s worked in the past, remember that fifty percent of the last four Kentucky Derby winners were outside of Post 16. That’s just a couple of other contenders, of course. This is a strong, strong field. Don’t forget Angel of Empire, Practical Move, Kingsbarns, and Two Phil’s. If you want to go the longshot route, and bet on a horse that maybe doesn’t have the best odds but maybe could shock the world, don’t forget about Jace’s Road, Raise Cain, Sun Thunder, and Reincarnate. Each of those horses have odds of 50-1. So, if you bet on them and they win, you’ll, well, “reincarnate” your bank account. 

Beyond Betting the Kentucky Derby 

You can bet on who’s going to win at our site, of course, but you can also make all kinds of prop bets, too. That means you can bet on the colors of the horse that will win, how much they will win by, and so much more. So, even if you don’t know the names of the horses, you can win big bucks here at CashBet. Good luck to you in the Kentucky Derby and all throughout the Triple Crown season!


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