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The Case For and Against the Kansas City Chiefs at Super Bowl LV

Kansas City Chiefs at Super Bowl LV

The Kansas City Chiefs are the best team in football.  So too, are the Chiefs the most dynamic team in football.  Patrick Mahomes is the premier quarterback in the NFL.  Mahomes is a force of nature that can take over games like nobody else.  However, Mahomes became a security blanket for the Chiefs this year.  Kansas City was often unfocused and would play with the on/off switch.  Gamblers became frustrated that the Chiefs would win games but not cover.  Kansas City was rarely at their Super Bowl best.  All of which leads into Sunday’s Super Bowl.

SUPER BOWL LV Chiefs vs. Buccaneers Betting Information

Date: Sunday, February 7, 2021
Time: 6:30 p.m. ET
Location: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida
TV Coverage: CBS

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Betting Odds

Chiefs -3 (-115) 56 (-106) -172
Buccaneers +3 (-105) 56 (-114) +149
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Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LV Odds CashBet Wagering Analysis

On this occasion, the best sportsbook online price is correctly set.  Kansas City had the best record in pro football for 2020.  And the Chiefs are the defending Super Bowl champions.  Counter to that is a Bucs team led by the GOAT of quarterbacks, Tom Brady.  Brady commands considerable public betting respect.  Factoring in the image of both teams, you get an understandable spread of Kansas City -3.  Live in-game betting will be a boon for Super Bowl LV.  In particular, there is already more interest for this matchup than the last several Super Bowl games.

The Case For the Kansas City Chiefs winning Super Bowl LV

Namely, quarterback Patrick Mahomes makes the best betting on Super Bowl case for Kansas City.  Football may be the ultimate team sport, but Mahomes breaks the mold.  Mahomes can single-handedly take over games unlike any other player in football history, including Tom Brady.  Also, Mahomes brings the added element of sparking team confidence.  Kansas City is supremely confident they’ll win every game they play because of their quarterback.  Mahomes brought the Chiefs back from double-digit deficits in all three of their 2019 postseason wins.  For this reason, no matter how far behind KC is, they know they’ll still win.

Andy Reid has evolved into the most dynamic play-caller in NFL gambling.  To illustrate, veteran football observers are rendered speechless at Reid’s play designs.  Reid is bold and daring, unafraid to gamble when necessary. “Big Red” knows he has the best material in football and isn’t afraid to maximize it.  Most important of all, Reid has formulated a perfect partnership with Mahomes.

Extending the Chiefs chances is tight end Travis Kelce.  Kelce is the most dominant tight end in the NFL.  Speaking of partnerships, Kelce and Mahomes are a dynamic duo for the Super Bowl betting odds.  Time and again, Mahomes and Kelce come up clutch in most critical moments.  From this point, the tandem breaks the spirit of most opponents.  Kelce and Mahomes are unstoppable at crunch time.

Finally, the Chiefs’ record in games they tried to win is 16-1. That is a sobering reality to step into.

The Case Against the Kansas City Chiefs Winning Super Bowl LV

There is great irony in the fact that Patrick Mahomes could be the Chiefs’ weakness.  Cause by the fact that Kansas City consistently lets up in games knowing Mahomes will bail them out.  Against the wrong team, this could prove to be fatal.  The Las Vegas Raiders are not of Super Bowl betting quality.  But they were good enough to trip up a distracted Chiefs team that lacked focus.

On the whole, the biggest threat to the Kansas City Chiefs is themselves.  If the Chiefs are focused, Tampa Bay is unlikely to beat them.  But if they jack around with the on/off switch, Kansas City is vulnerable to an upset.  Tom Brady and the Buccaneers are good enough to capitalize on a blurred opponent.  


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