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Super Bowl LV Betting: Prop Bets of All Kinds

Super Bowl LV Betting: Prop Bets of All Kinds

The Super Bowl is the biggest game of the year. Just about everything that can be analyzed about it is going to be analyzed. That was true even before the internet, and somehow, it’s even more true now. If you’re a serious gambler who’s been going hard throughout the season, this could really be your time to shine. You’ll be able to bet the game at our site as you bet on so many others throughout the season. However, don’t feel like you have to be someone who gives professional betting advice to be able to get in on betting the Super Bowl. That’s what these prop bets are for. Below, you’ll find some truly wild Super Bowl 55 prop bets. 

Super Bowl Prop Bets That Truly Are “Props”

Obviously, the word “prop” can have many different definitions. However, for the context of Super Bowl betting, it tends to mean “bets that don’t have a whole lot to do with the game itself.” That’s not to say that these bets are unrelated to the game, but, they don’t come from, say, the point spread, the odds, that kind of thing. These are unique bets, the kind that, in many ways, can be a bit of guesswork. But, like so much else in betting (as in life) sometimes, they aren’t. 

For example, perhaps the most famous of all the prop bets is to bet the coin toss. You can bet on which team is going to win the coin toss or you can bet on whether it’s going to be heads or tails. Now, if you were to bet the former, you could look at how each team did throughout the season in the coin tosses. Then you could see which player makes the call and what they usually pick. 

Alternatively, another way of going about things is to analyze coin tosses throughout the season. You would think it would be, in a very real way, 50/50, but it isn’t always. You could also do research on Super Bowl coin tosses, too, as those might be slightly different. Remember, they often don’t use like, a quarter that you may have found in your backseat or something. These are unique, commemorative coins. 

A Word on Betting the Color of the Liquid Poured on the Super Bowl Winning Coach 

This might be the second most famous of all of the prop bets. As is now tradition, when a team has clinched the game and there’s no way they can lose, players on the team will douse them with some kind of sports drink. So, you can bet on the color of these drinks. Will it be orange, red or pink, yellow, green/lime, purple, blue, some kind of clear, or even field? (Those are some options, they aren’t the same everywhere). Now, this is also something that could be guesswork. But, you could do some real research on this one, too. 

For example, you could go back to the Conference Championship games. Yes, these games aren’t the Super Bowl. But, they are “do or die” games, one where you have to win or your season is over. So, it’s entirely possible that the team doused their coach in a sports drink color then. That could give you the heads up so you could make an informed bet. 

Or, alternatively, you could look at the coach or team the last time they won something big. For example, maybe you could go back to when the Bucs last won a championship with Tony Dungy, way back in the early aughts. Or, you could look at what the Chiefs did with Andy Reid last year. This bet doesn’t have to be a guess. 

Some teams only use one color the entire season. An old story, as related by cornerback Deshea Townsend in regards to this “winning team color” bet a decade ago for Super Bowl 45 between the Steelers and the Packers was to tell fans: “the Steelers only use orange. So, maybe the Packers only use orange, too.” At worst, this gives you a 50% of being right, which is better than a lot of other bets. Of course, those are just some of the prop bets you’ll find here at Cash Bet! 


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