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Philadelphia Eagles Set to Soar for More in 2022?

Philadelphia Eagles CashBet Futures Odds

Consider that Eagles QB Jalen Hurts has a 2022 salary of $1.64 million.  In comparison, Ryan Tannehill has a cap hit of $38.6 million.  Thus, Hurts’ cap hit is a fraction of just about any starting quarterback in the NFL.  That’s why A.J. Brown is with the Philadelphia Eagles.  And Brown is why Philadelphia is fired up about its football team this Super Bowl best season.  Ironically, the biggest obstacle to a huge season might be the quarterback position.  In turn, that’s allowing the Eagles to build a strong roster everywhere else.

2022 Futures Odds Philadelphia Eagles

When: The 2022 NFL Season Opens on Thursday, September 8, 2022

Philadelphia Eagles CashBet Futures Odds Over/Under Win Total 8.5
Odds to win the Super Bowl: +2760
Odds to win the NFC Championship: +1200
Odds to win the NFC East Championship: +190

2022 Philadelphia Eagles – CashBet NFL Odds Analysis

Specifically, the salary cap isn’t a best sportsbook online myth.  Teams don’t always know how to manage it, but it’s there.  And smart teams know that having a  quarterback making a minimal amount gives them a chance to get aggressive.  That’s why the Eagles made a big move to get Brown.  Subsequently, they paid him $100 million over four years.  Brown is one of the best receivers in football.  To illuminate, Brown is an explosive athlete who will transform the Eagles’ offense.

The Eagles have worked a rookie QB contract to their Betting on Super Bowl advantage before.  They won a Super Bowl in 2017 when Carson Wentz was on his rookie deal.  In turn, that contract allowed them to build a roster that was so good it could support backup Nick Foles.  Certainly, the Eagles would rather be paying a top-shelf QB $35 million a year.  But when that’s not possible, a team does the next best thing and builds around the QB available.

On the whole, Philadelphia has an elite Super Bowl betting odds roster.  Their offensive line ranks among the best in the NFL.  Next, the receiver room has been remade over the past two years.  Brown and 2021 first-round pick DeVonta Smith, who had a very good rookie season, lead the way.

The defense is deep along the line

Also, the defense is improved at edge rusher and linebacker.  Philadelphia landed cornerback James Bradberry after the New York Giants had to cut him for salary-cap reasons.

And then there is Hurts, who needs to elevate himself from being a QB that Philadelphia settles for if they are to win big this season.  It is true that few teams have such a strong Super Bowl betting roster with a questionable quarterback.  The Indianapolis Colts for the past couple of years and the pre-Russell Wilson Denver Broncos come to mind.

To be exact, teams can win big with a mediocre quarterback.  The theory that an All-Pro talent at QB is necessary for a Super Bowl is a myth.  Yet a champion needs a QB to be a positive asset.  Two seasons into Hurts’ career, he hasn’t proven to be good enough to help the Eagles to a Super Bowl run.

Last year, the Eagles took off when they became a run-first team.  That shift coincided with offensive coordinator Shane Steichen taking over play calling.   Correlate that Steichen will call plays again in 2022.

However, in the playoffs, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers exposed Hurts.  To summarize, Hurts looked like a quarterback prone to long stretches of inconsistent passing.  Although, in his defense, he played through an ankle injury that would require offseason surgery.  Philadelphia can’t have Hurts play like that and make a credible run in the postseason.  That terrible game in Tampa Bay led to plenty of doubts about Hurts’ future as a quarterback.

As mentioned earlier, Hurts’ ground game helped the Eagles’ offense in the second half of the season.  Philadelphia went 7-3 in their final ten regular-season games after the running game became the focal point.


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