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NFC South Predictions 2022: Preseason Bets, Game Preview and Top Picks

NFC South Predictions 2022 Preseason Bets Game Preview and Top Picks

NFC South Predictions 2022 – The NFL preseason is continuing at full swing and most teams are preparing for their regular season. The 2022 NFL predictions are already updated online as these top teams clash in exciting games. Bettors are able to place their bets on their favorite teams with the help of the odds and betting lines. With the regular season only a couple of weeks away, some of the top teams are already looking promising.

Can the Buccaneers Top the NFC South Again?

The NFC South has always drawn attraction with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their squad in their past few years. Tampa Bay topped the NFC South last season with an incredible record and they are all set to repeat the same this time. The Buccaneers have the potential and the power to make it to the top again and they are bringing back Tom Brady to their squad. Brady seems to be sitting out for the preseason to prepare for the regular season. Hence, experts predict Bucs to clinch the division title once again.

The Saints to Come Second

The New Orleans Saints are one of the other top teams they are predicted to finish behind the Buccaneers. The Saints finished second behind the Buccaneers last season and they hope to qualify for the playoffs. The Saints are stronger than the Falcons and the Panthers, but their biggest trouble is getting past the Buccaneers. However, they are all set to finish second on the table.

Panthers and Falcons to follow

Football bets predict Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons to follow the Saints at the third and fourth positions. The Atlanta Falcons finished third last season with a 7-10 record. The Panthers turned out to be the worst team and they finished at the bottom with a 5-12 record. Both teams have a slim chance to make it to the playoffs and they can only hope to get past the Saints. The Buccaneers are way out of reach for the Panthers and the Falcons.

 NFC South Odds

Team Odds
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -250
New Orleans Saints +310
Carolina Panthers +900
Atlanta Falcons +3500

Statistics predict Buccaneers to win at the top and clinch the division title. The Saints might not have a chance and they will be marching forward without head coach Sean Payton. The Saints will have defensive coordinator Dennis Allen take Payton’s position. Pete Carmichael Jr. will continue as the offensive coordinator of the Saints. The Saints have plenty of room for improvement but they are expected to perform better than last season.

Panthers and Falcons to struggle

The Carolina Panthers and the Atlanta Falcons are way too weak to make it to the top. The Panthers were outscored by 100 points last season and their struggle will continue. However, they are predicted to play better than the Falcons this time. The Panthers missed out on Christian McCaffrey after he played only seven games in 2021. McCaffrey is expected to have a better season this time.

The NFL betting websites are flourishing with picks and predictions and bettors have already started to place their bets. The betting odds are updated and the player prop bets are also available. As per the recent predictions, the Buccaneers are all set to win and clinch the division title with the Saints following behind.


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