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Kansas City Chiefs Coasted to Super Bowl LV Betting

Kansas City Chiefs - Super Bowl LV betting analysis

A clear difference in profit margin by the Chiefs occurred in 2020.  Kansas City was one of the most profitable teams on the board in 2018 and 2019.  And that continued at the start of the 2020 season.  Kansas City covered six of their first eight games.  From this point, the Chiefs Super Bowl betting value declined.  A combination of too much casual money and coasting ruined KC’s value.  Despite a 16-2 straight up record, the Chiefs covered only eight games.  But in the AFC championship game, they reminded gamblers of their potential.

Super Bowl LV Chiefs vs. Buccaneers Betting Information

Date: Sunday, February 7, 2021
Time: 6:30 p.m. ET
Location: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida
TV Coverage: CBS

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Betting Odds

Chiefs -3 (-119) 56 (-105) -170
Buccaneers +3 (-105) 56 (-115) +148
Place Bets

CashBet Moneyline:  Kansas City Chiefs -170 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers +150

Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Odds CashBet Wagering Analysis

Last week the Chiefs got an impressive payout against Buffalo.  Kansas City rallied from 9-0 down to win 38-24 as 3-point home chalks.  For gamblers tired of KC overlays, it was a welcome respite.  Most important of all, Kansas City regained a measure of best sportsbook online confidence.  Gamblers believe in the Chiefs again.  The opening line for the Super Bowl is modest.  Sharps don’t see the three points as burdensome.  And the Moneyline isn’t out of sight as a straight-up option.  Also working in the Chiefs favor is the name brand of Bucs quarterback Tom Brady.

Coast Control Cost Chiefs Wagering Value

The most prominent complaint football community members had about the Chiefs was they played down to their opponent’s level. Kansas City knew they’d win most games without full focus.  Specifically, Patrick Mahomes has bailed them out time and again with comeback wins.  Mahomes makes the Chiefs seem unbeatable.  Both to opponents and the Chiefs themselves.  And then there is Kansas City’s popularity with the betting masses.  Too much money comes in on the Chiefs.  It all adds up to inevitable red ink.

Consider the Chiefs in the AFC championship game.  Gamblers bet Kanas City down to a 3-point favorite.  Touts sold Buffalo as a surging team on the come.  The Chiefs had the value they lacked most of the year.  More emphatically, Kansas City was focused and at a reasonable price.  The time was right to get back down on the Chiefs.

Playing Tom Brady and the Buccaneers in the Super Bowl should prevent a Kansas City overlay.  Brady commands too much public betting handle.  The Chiefs will bring a fair price because of this factor.

Andy Reid Equals Hank Stram in Chiefs Coaching Esteem

The late great Hall of Fame Chiefs coach Hank Stram was known as an innovator.  Stram’s creativity helped the Chiefs beat the Super Bowl Betting Odds for their first title.  In fact, “Office of the 1970s” was the laudatory term for Stram’s offense.  Vince Lombardi ripped it as “fancy stuff.”

Concurrently coach Andy Reid has taken this franchise DNA to an impossible level.  Stram would be considered a Neanderthal compared to Reid.  The Chiefs run plays that perpetually throw defenses off balance.  Their innovations confound teams and astound media, the football community, and gamblers.  Now Reid is celebrated as the most brilliant offensive mind in football.

Patrick Mahomes Takes NFL Quarterback to New Level

To begin with, Patrick Mahomes faced doubters for playing college ball at Texas Tech.  The Texas Tech reputation is for creating systems that make quarterbacks interchangeable.  Mahomes broke the mold.  Instead, he is the most dangerous betting on Super Bowl asset seen since Tom Brady.

Last year Mahomes brought the Chiefs back from significant deficits in all three postseason games.  As a consequence, Kansas City never believes they are out of a game.  Chiefs players expect to come back to win regardless of circumstances.

Patrick Mahomes makes the Chiefs a Super Bowl Best bet.  In particular live betting will light up for Kansas City should they trail against Tampa Bay.


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