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CFB 2022 Future Betting Miami Hurricanes Odds and Season Analysis

CFB 2022 Future Betting: Miami Hurricanes CashBet Odds

Michigan has a thing for its “Michigan Men.”  USC has long been proud of its “Men of Troy.”  Auburn loves to brag about its “Auburn Family” on “The Plains.”  So, the grand tradition of College football betting goes on.  Now Miami has its version of such labels.  Last January, head coach Mario Cristobal returned to a hero’s welcome.  Cristobal is an alum of The U, where he played his college football.  He grew up in Miami and knows the town better than an uber driver.  Most important of all, Cristobal is a universally acclaimed recruiting machine.

CFB 2022 Future Betting: Miami Hurricanes

2022 Miami Hurricanes CashBet Future Odds: Over-Under Win Total 8.5
Odds to Win National Championship +7420
Odds to Win Atlantic Coast Conference +700

CashBet Odds Analysis – A Return to the Past

To be exact, the Miami program has lived off of empty sportsbook hype in recent years.  Known as “The U,” Miami built its reputation from 1983 through 2002 as a perennial national championship contender.  Indeed, the Hurricanes won five national championships in that era.  And had four more titles within grasp or disputed.  Following their controversial loss in the 2002 national championship game, things went south fast in South Beach.

When Miami won the occasional big game in the past two decades, there was noise about getting its “swagger” back.  But it was all empty talk.  Yet fans and gamblers often live in the Betting on college football past regarding The U.  Miami has become more of a brand than an actual football program.

Even in its glory days, the Hurricanes got fickle fan support.  Miami would only draw big crowds against the major power teams.  But in those specific games, there was undeniable “Miami Magic.”  And that has been hard for countless bettors and team fans to get over.

The U Has Fallen Behind By its Own Fault

Of great concern has been the lack of big money investment for the Miami program.  The U has fallen behind other big-time programs in facilities.  The Miami administration always had an entitled attitude.  They believed that the talent-rich recruiting area would simply play for The U.

However, in their unbridled arrogance, Miami’s administration took it for granted.  They failed to understand that recent recruits never saw Miami win a bet on NCAAF championship.  Or even come close.  Today’s high school players have seen the Hurricanes as all hat and no cattle.

The Prodigal Son Returns Home  

Finally, big-time donors and former Miami stars from the glory years stepped forward.  They have had enough.  To show, they opened their checkbooks for facility upgrades.  Most important of all, they were willing to beg Cristobal to name his price.  He did and was hired.

Account of Cristobal’s arrival has been a level of enthusiasm not seen in years.  Since the Hurricanes moved to Hard Rock Stadium, they have had abysmal attendance.  Part of that is their lack of success.  So too is the location of the stadium.  It is far away from the Miami campus and fan base.  But nobody seems to care with the arrival of Cristobal.  Expectations are through the betting on NCAAF roof.

Super Mario’s Bag of Tricks

From his days as head coach of the nearby Florida International University, Mario Cristobal developed a well-earned reputation for being an ace recruiter.  Cristobal has the tremendous advantage of long-term relationships that he built with local high school coaches.

Additionally, Cristobal is tireless and relentless.  More emphatically, he has a university that has finally decided to get serious about championship football.  And when he walks into a recruit’s home, he can flash a Rose Bowl championship ring from his days as head coach of Oregon.  Along with two more rings as a national champion player for The U.


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