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Hartford Hawks vs. Villanova Wildcats College Basketball best bets and odds

CBB Betting: Hartford Hawks vs. Villanova Wildcats Odds and Analysis

A clear difference exists between Jay Wright and all other coaches. With two national championships since 2016, the Wildcats have credibility. So too are they a perpetual March Madness betting favorite. Wright is seen by gamblers as the man with the plan. He took over a moribund Villanova program. And he transformed Nova into a…...
Top College Basketball Odds for 2020-21 National Title  

Familiar Faces Top College Basketball Odds for 2020-21 National Title  

At the onset of the upcoming college basketball season are familiar programs favored to win it all.  COVID-19 has changed the world in many ways but some things remain the same.  When it comes to March Madness betting gamblers will stick with what’s familiar.  Bargain hunters will be looking for capable teams at a better…...
NCAA Men’s Basketball 2021 betting

College Basketball’s Projected Best for 2020-21 Has Familiar Names

COVID-19 is hated for many reasons. Above all sports, fans will never forgive the coronavirus for causing the unprecedented cancelation of March Madness. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is the second biggest wagering handle in sports. Only the Super Bowl brings in more bacon. Admittedly there is a longing for millions to get back to…...