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Jay Wright Emerges as New King of Coaches for Villanova

2022 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Final Four Overview – Jay Wright and Villanova

On the whole, it is Mike Krzyzewski’s world, and the rest of us get to live in it.  Or so it seems with Coach K in the Final Four in his last season as Duke’s coach.  It is true that Coach K is the biggest name in March Madness betting.  And the winningest coach in the history of college basketball.  But as great as Krzyzewski is, he may not be the best coach in college basketball anymore.  Instead, Villanova head coach Jay Wright is pushing to the top of the mountain as the GOAT of college basketball.

2022 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

Final Four Overview – Jay Wright and Villanova

When: Saturday, April 2, 2022
Where: Caesars Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
TV Coverage: CBS

Villanova Wildcats Final Four CashBet Wagering Analysis

With two recent national championships, the Villanova Wildcats are a new national power.  Although Nova is not historic blue blood, they are a new money top online sportsbook powerhouse.  And Jay Wright is the reason why.  Before Wright arrived, Villanova was best known for its stunning upset of Georgetown in the 1985 national championship game.  Despite the national title, everyone knew it was an upset that wasn’t supposed to happen.  And the Wildcats did take a step back after that epic triumph.  They went back to their status as a good but not great program until the arrival of Jay Wright.

The GOAT of His School

Certainly, Wright is the greatest coach in Villanova history.  The school has never achieved such consistent success in its history.  Let alone the fact that they are a 2022 March Madness betting Final Four program.  Wright has taken the Villanova program to heights that nobody thought possible.  To show, the Wildcats are in their fourth Final Four under Wright.  The Wildcats won the 2016 and 2018 national championships.

Wright has produced eight regular season and five conference tournament championships in the Big East.  He is a two-time Naismith College Coach of the Year.  Additionally, he was named Big East Coach of the Year six times.

When Wright arrived in 2001, he inherited an inconsistent program that couldn’t get out of its own way.  Naturally, it took time and patience for Wright to get the program where it is now.  Fortunately, the leaders of Villanova could see what a bet on NCAA basketball asset that Wright was.  And they turned him loose while staying out of his way.

The Nation’s Most Complete Coach 

Some coaches are superb at recruiting great players.  Others are excellent tacticians.  Some are experts on offensive basketball.  And then others are masters at developing stout defenses.  What sets Wright apart is that he does it all.  Villanova has plenty of talent and is well-drilled to execute on both ends of the court.

Most important of all, Wright is not a flash in the pan coach.  His consistent success has developed Villanova into a dangerous 2022 March Madness Betting threat.  Nova can beat anyone they face and by any method that they choose.  All of that is a testament to Wright.

To begin with, nobody is begrudging Duke and Coach K for what they have accomplished.  Krzyzewski has been at Duke for 42 years with a litany of records and accomplishments.  But the fact remains that Wright has had more recent success than Coach K.  Before his career is over, Wright is likely to pad his national championship and Final Four records.

One Last Chance for the GOAT

Of course, Mike Krzyzewski will retire after the Final Four.  Coach K has gotten so much March Madness attention that some fans are fatigued from it.  Accordingly, that attention will only increase with Krzyzewski in his last Final Four with a chance to go out as a national champion.  Yet if Duke can’t complete its last mission for Coach K, Jay Wright and Villanova could be the last team standing.


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