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Betting Politics: Trump vs Biden Odds US 2020 Election

Betting Politics Trump vs Biden Odds US 2020 Election

The 2020 US Presidential elections are just around the corner. Soon, there will be one winner who will take over for the next four years. It’s time to place a bet on election, especially with the odds and statistics in place. This year has been a struggle with the pandemic, but despite all the troubles, the election campaign continued and the date is almost near. On November 3rd, the counting of votes will begin and either the Democratic or Republican party will come to power. Both candidates have come a long way with several hurdles this year.

Betting Options and Battleground Polls

Placing a bet on politics might seem new, but if you have the right amount of details, it would never be easier. There are several aspects to betting on politics, some might bet because they like the candidate while someplace a bet on a particular party. There are several platforms that have already predicted the winning candidate beforehand. However, understanding how the betting system works will be a major advantage. There are bets placed on the odds and there are bets that are placed after viewing the statistics.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has seen a significant rise in the market and their chances of winning this US 2020 election are strong. On the other hand, President Donald Trump has also seen progress when compared to last week’s standings.  Trump has taken the lead in Florida with the battleground polls. Biden has been successful with a 53 percent popular vote in Wisconsin. President Trump is holding 44 percent in the same state. In Pennsylvania, Trump is holding a 45 percent popular vote while Biden is holding a 52 percent chance.

Electoral College Voting Odds

Betting is not a very tedious task if you understand these few details about the polls. Biden has the odds gaining as Trump also struggled with the Covid-19 crisis. Both candidates from their party should get more than 50 percent of the Electoral College vote to win. There are nearly 538 electoral votes. The winning candidate will need a minimum of 270 votes. The election odds for Joe Biden are -227 while the election odds for President Trump are +180. Biden has a 65 percent probability of winning while Trump has close to 34 percent.

The next few days is just the right time to place a bet on politics. With just a few days remaining, the odds and predictions are certainly a major help to understand the process. At our site, we try to make it as simple as possible for bettors to understand the process. With all the statistics and odds in place, there will never be an easier time to place a bet on the right candidate. Bet now and get the best chances to win with the favorite pick. 


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