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Monday & Tuesday Bring Copa America Semifinal Action!

2021 COPA America CashBet Odds to Win

Fans and gamblers can always dream.  And when it comes to COPA America, it’s going to take dreams like finding a pot at the end of the rainbow for Colombia and Peru.  Both the Coffee Growers and the Red and White are massive underdogs in their semifinal games.  Peru faces word power Brazil in a Monday night semifinal soccer betting match.  Brazil is favored to win the entire tournament with plenty of good reason.  Specifically, Little Canary boasts the best players.  Similar is Colombia’s Tuesday night opponent, Argentina.  Consider Lionel Messi is on the White and Sky Blue marquee.

2021 COPA America CashBet Odds to Win Championship:

Brazil -125, Argentina +175, Colombia +800, Peru +2000

2021 COPA America Odds CashBet Overview

COPA America top online sportsbook favorites are obvious and real.  Brazil completely overmatches Peru.  In like manner does Brazil outclass Colombia.  Oddsmakers are fully aware of what the public is thinking.  Causal gamblers want nothing to do with Colombia or Peru.  Even novice gamblers know that the Red and White and the Coffee Growers lack firepower.  Specifically, they are both bringing popguns against nuclear powers.

Sharps have the more difficult handicap for the COPA America semifinals.  To show, they know Brazil and Argentina are the vastly superior teams.  Offsetting that is the massive price lays gamblers must make on both teams.  Thus, Wise Guys must apply high prices on superior powers.  Or they can take big longshot fliers on overmatched teams.  Neither choice is appealing for sharps.

COPA America Semifinal – Brazil vs. Peru Betting Information

Date: Monday, July 5, 2021
Time: 7:00 p.m. ET
Location: Estadio Olimpico Nilton Santos, Rio de Janeiro
TV Coverage: Check Listings

Brazil vs. Peru Betting Odds

Peru +1½ ( +134 ) 2½ ( -155 ) +1613
Brazil -1½ ( -149 ) 2½ ( +140 ) -494
Peru/Brazil Draw +614
Place Bets

In sum, Peru posted a Group B record of two wins, one draw, and one loss.  Next, the Red and White beat Paraguay in a penalty kick after a regulation 3-3 draw.  Gianluca Lapadula leads Peru with three goals and one assist.  And then Andre Carrillo adds two goals and two assists.

Peru has long been celebrated for its stylish form of play.  While it is pretty to watch, it doesn’t produce much in the way of goal scoring.  And against Brazil, trickery and fancy plays are difficult to execute.

Overall, for Group B, Brazil won three games with one draw.  In the quarterfinals, Brazil scored a 1-0, betting on soccer win over Chile.  Thus far, at COPA America, nine players have scored one goal for Little Canary.  Neymar leads Brazil with two goals and two assists.

On the whole, Brazil can beat anyone in the world.  The Green and Yellow are ranked third in the FIFA world rankings.  Further, Little Canary won the COPA America in 2019.  And in Tite, they have one of the world’s greatest coaches.

COPA America Semifinal Colombia vs. Argentina Betting Information

Date: Tuesday, July 6, 2021
Time: 9:00 p.m. ET
Location: Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha, Brasilia
TV Coverage: Check Listings

Colombia vs. Argentina Betting Odds

Colombia +½ ( +113 ) 2 ( -118 ) +437
Argentina -½ ( -128 ) 2 ( +103 ) -123
Colombia/Argentina Draw +239
Place Bets

Argentina posted a Group A COPA America soccer betting record of three wins and one draw.  Subsequently, in the quarterfinals, Argentina beat Ecuador 3-0.  Naturally, Lionel Messi leads the White and Sky Blues with four goals and four assists.

In Group B play, Colombia posted one win, one loss, and two draws.  Accordingly, in the semifinals, the Coffee Growers beat Uruguay in a penalty kick after a 0-0 regulation draw.   Colombia has only three regulation goals in COPA America.  Overall, three different players scored those three goals.

2021 COPA America Semifinal CashBet Free Pick  

To summarize, Brazil and Argentina carry high Soccer gambling prices for good reason.  They are world-class teams going up against merely good programs.  Chile and Colombia aren’t bad.  Instead, they are utterly outclassed.

2021 COPA America Semifinal CashBet Best Bet: 

Brazil and Argentina


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