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Warriors Open as Chalk to Defend 2022 NBA Title

2023 NBA Championship CashBet Odds

At the onset of the future market, NBA betting is a familiar name at the top.  As usual, future betting is being based on the past.  The Golden State Warriors opened as the favorite to win the 2023 NBA championship.  Second to the Warriors as the public preference are the Boston Celtics.  Boston lost to Golden State in the 2022 NBA Finals.  Next, come the Brooklyn Nets for some strange reason.  Brooklyn continues to flop when it matters most.  Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Bucks, who won the 2021 NBA championship, is another top selection.  The LA Clippers are bet up with the hope that Kawhi Leonard returns to the lineup at full strength.

2022-23 NBA Championship Futures

2023 NBA Championship CashBet Wagering Analysis – Future vs. Past

Almost without exception, the defending champion opens as the sportsbook favorite to win the championship.  Regardless of what sport is on the board.  In the case of Golden State, it makes some sense.  The Warriors are the class of the field.  However, the Warriors won’t offer much betting value.  Nor will the Boston Celtics at +650.  And Boston is not in the same class as Golden State.  Brooklyn is a team with a lot of names but little substance.  And then Milwaukee is a proven champion that could remerge if healthy.

A Golden State of Mind

The Golden State Warriors deserve all of the betting on NBA accolades and respect.  Certainly, the Warriors have earned it.  Head coach Steve Kerr is an NBA legend with four world championships as a head coach.  Also, he has multiple championship rings as an NBA player.  In the Golden State dynasty that ran from 2015 through 2019, Kerr coached a star-studded fantasy basketball type of team.  However, in 2022, Kerr masterminded a suffocating defense with Stephen Curry.  Curry has not been in the conversation for being the NBA’s best player.  Now that debate has begun in earnest.

Boston Celtics Came Far But Have a Long Way to Go

On the whole, Ime Udoka had a spectacular rookie season as the Celtics’ head coach.  However, the Celtics are not a good pro basketball betting value for the 2022-23 season.  Nobody will be taking Boston lightly.  Further, NBA teams will have all summer to study and prepare for the Celtics.  Like a stock that quickly rose in value, Boston should have something of a setback in 2022-23.

Nothing But Empty Nets

How anyone could believe that the Nets are a serious basketball betting contender is beyond comprehension.  Yes, Brooklyn has superstar talent with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Ben Simmons.  However, Irving and Simmons have questionable character.  And all three of the Nets marquee men have struggled with nagging injuries and related issues.  Until proven otherwise, the Nets are a foolish reach.

Milwaukee Could Pay Big Bucks Next Season

Gamblers should remember that the Bucks took the Celtics to seven games in the second round of the 2022 NBA Playoffs.  And they did so without #2-player Khris Middleton.  Thus, should Middleton return to the fold as expected, the Bucks will have the same core that won them the 2021 championship.  And with Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee is in the conversation for having the best player in the NBA.

2023 NBA Championship CashBet Free Pick  

In this situation, the Milwaukee Bucks bring a strong core three and a world-class superstar.  Additionally, the Bucks are as good if not better than the Celtics when healthy.  Milwaukee brings the ability and the proven heart of an NBA gambling champion.

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