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Could Lakers Show Possibly Go Dark in Western Conference?

NBA Western Conference Best Team Odds

What a difference a year makes.  Last year LeBron James and the Lakers were down and out.  As Kawhi Leonard became NBA Finals Most Valuable player on Cinderella Toronto.  This year James has the coach and supporting cast necessary for success.  While Leonard has transformed the Clippers into an attractive NBA futures odds pick.  With NBA betting action set to restart the public has spoken.  Gamblers expect the Western Conference to become the Battle of LA.  Starting with expensive price tags on the Lakers and Clippers comes angst.  Making bets on such heavy favorites in these unusual circumstances is risky.

CashBet 2020 Odds to Win NBA Western Conference Betting Overview

First, the Lakers rank with the Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees as a worldwide brand.  Public money often drives the sports betting value of Los Angeles into the ground.  Add the Lakers first-place standing in the Western Conference and casual money drowns the value.  In a similar way are Leonard’s Clippers.  LA is second to the Lakers in the West.  With Leonard’s championship exploits fresh on the minds of gamblers.  Next on the list are the Rockets.  Houston’s lack of defense makes it hard to take seriously.  Which leads to Denver and Utah in the true sleeper class.

Tickets Expensive for Lake Show

Namely forward Anthony Davis and new head coach Frank Vogel have made the biggest Lakers impact.  Davis has relieved James from having to carry the team.  Vogel has coaxed a team commitment to play a full-court game.  Most of all the Lakers are actually profitable on the board.  Normally when they win on the court they lose to the spread.  Public money will eventually strain the Lakers betting value.

Clipping Along to Tidy Profits

Also making money against the oddsmakers has been the Clippers.  LA can match the Lakers offensively.  But their defense has been slightly above average.  That will have to change if the Clippers want to win the West.  In like manner to Anthony Davis is Lou Williams.  His arrival has kept defenses honest. In turn, this frees up Leonard to score nearly 27 points per game.  Head coach Doc Rivers led Boston to an NBA title.  He is an asset that should not be underestimated.

Houston, We Have a Problem

A clear difference is seen between the Rockets and the top two LA teams.  Although Houston has a Rocket Fuel offense-defense is another matter.  More often than not head coach Mike D’Antoni forsakes tight defense.  He prefers to run and gun his way to victory.  Which may explain why he has never won an NBA championship.  Houston’s 22nd ranked defense must be transformed if they are to be taken seriously.

Jazz Look to Provide Sweet Music

In view of their defense not being quite as tight did the Jazz operate in red ink.  Donovan Mitchell’s 24.2 points per game has marginally improved the Utah offense.  The case to be made for the Jazz is their defensive potential.  Further, higher-rated favorites may struggle to find the mark after four months off.

Nuggets of or Fool’s Gold?

Denver is something of a Northwest Division twin to the Jazz.  The defense is the Nuggets’ strong suit.  Cause by the inconsistent offense is where gamblers are skeptical.  In a particular center, Nikola Jokic is an impact player.  To illustrate he is averaging 20.2 points, 10.2 rebounds, and 6.9 assists per game. Jokic could prove to be the difference-maker in an upset run.

CashBet 2020 NBA Western Conference Free Picks

On this occasion, the Clippers and Lakers bring no value.  Following that the Rockets bring no defense.  Denver and Utah make for sleepers with potential.

CASHBET Best Bets:  Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz


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