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2022 NBA Playoffs Second Round Steps it Up With Power Matchups

2022 NBA Playoffs Second Round Series NBA Championship CashBet Odds

Gamblers and fans will see a distinct difference between the first and second rounds of the NBA Playoffs.  The quality of the teams and games is much higher in the second round.  So far, the improved parity of the 2021Playoffs has remained.  Despite plenty of weaknesses, commissioner Adam Silver has long wanted the equality seen in the other major sports.  And for the past two years, he has been getting an NBA betting playoff payoff.  Handicapping the second round will be a challenge for everyone involved.  Even sharps concede that point.

2022 NBA Playoffs

Second Round Series

2-Boston Celtics vs. 3- Milwaukee Bucks

Boston cleaned up in a 4-0 top online sportsbook series win over the Brooklyn Nets.  However, in-game one at Milwaukee, the Celtics were routed 101-89.  Jayson Tatum’s 27.8 points and 7.0 assists per game lead the Celtics.  And then Jaylen Brown adds 20.4 points and 6.0 rebounds per contest.

Despite missing Khris Middleton for three games, Milwaukee eliminated the Bulls 4-1.  Middleton remains out until Mid-May with a knee injury.  Giannis Antetokounmpo dominates for the Bucks with 27.8 points and 13.3 rebounds per contest.

CashBet Best Bet

Milwaukee Bucks

2-Memphis Grizzlies vs. 3-Golden State Warriors

The Memphis Grizzlies got religion fast in a terrifying 4-2 series win against the Timberwolves.  Ja Morant leads the Grizzlies with 23.3 points, 8.7 rebounds, and 10.4 assists per game.  And then Desmond Bane adds 21.4 points per contest.

First-round action saw Golden State dominate the Nuggets in short order, 4-1.  Stephen Curry leads the Warriors with 27.3 points per game.  Jordan Poole has brought 22.7 points per contest.  And then Klay Thompson is adding 21.3 points per outing.

Overall, the Grizzlies’ lack of Betting on NBA playoff experience was exposed in their near-death experience against Minnesota.  Golden State is playing its best basketball of the season.

CashBet Best Bet:  

Golden State Warriors

1-Phoenix Suns vs. 2- Dallas Mavericks

The Suns are coming off a much more difficult series than expected in their 4-2 win over the Pelicans.  Although Devin Booker missed three games, the Suns survived.  Booker leads the Suns with 23 points per game.  Chris Paul and Deandre Ayton bolstered Phoenix when Booker was out.  Paul is averaging 22.3 points and 11.3 assists per game.  And Ayton averages 20.5 points and 9.8 rebounds per contest.

Last series, the Mavericks impressed everyone with a 4-2 pro basketball betting

win over the Jazz.  Luka Doncic powers Dallas to 29 points and 10.7 rebounds per game.  Compared to Phoenix, the Suns survived Doncic missing three games against Utah.  Jalen Brunson came up large with 27.8 points per game.

Although Phoenix got past the Pelicans in the first round, they were exposed for being dependent upon Booker.  Now, the Suns are vulnerable against an impressive Mavericks team.  Luka Doncic can lead a team to victory in any game.  Doncic shows what it means to be an impact player.  And Jaylen Brunson is bringing strong support.

CashBet Best Bet: 

Dallas Mavericks.  

1-Miami Heat vs. 4-Philadelphia 76ers

Last time out, the Heat dominated the Hawks 4-1.  Namely, Jimmy Butler impresses basketball betting gamblers with 30.5 points and 7.8 rebounds per contest.  But there Miami has a lack of secondary scoring after Butler.  Bam Adebayo adds 12.4 points and 8.0 rebounds per contest.

The 76ers got past the Raptors 4-2 in the first round.  Of major concern is that Philadelphia is missing its top player, center Joel Embiid.  Embiid is out indefinitely with a head injury.  He was averaging 26.2 points and 11.3 rebounds per NBA gambling contest.  Now, the Sixers will have to be carried by guards Tyrese Maxey (21.3 points per game) and James Harden (19.0 points and 10.2 assists per game).

On the whole, it is hard to see the 76ers being competitive without Embiid.  Miami has vastly more firepower compared to shorthanded Philadelphia.  

CashBet Best Bet

Miami Heat


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