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What is Wrong with the Boston Red Sox? – 2022 Red Ink Flows

What is Wrong with the Boston Red Sox? – 2022 Red Ink Flows

Once upon a time, the Boston Red Sox suffered from the “Curse of the Bambino.”  This was the excuse for why the Red Sox never won the World Series between 1919 and 2003.  The curse itself was said to have been caused by the Red Sox trading Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees.  Moreover, Boston probably deserved such a miserable fate.  But in 2004, the Red Sox rallied from 0-3 down to beat the Yankees in the playoffs.  Since that epic MLB betting odds win, Boston has won four World Series championships.  

2022 Boston Red Sox Analysis and Futures Odds

2022 Boston Red Sox CashBet Odds:  Over/Under Win Total 86, +5400 to win the World Series, +2500 to win the American League Pennant, +4000 to win the American League East 

CashBet Wagering Analysis – Public Perception vs. Red Ink Reality

Last year the Red Sox went 92-70 and made the top online sportsbook playoffs.  Boston ended a 2-year playoff drought as a wild card team.  Since 2003 the Red Sox have missed the playoffs just eight times.  Boston’s most recent World Series title was in 2018.

Any team with this level of success would draw plenty of betting on baseball support.  But the Red Sox are far more than just a consistent winner.  Specifically, the Red Sox are an iconic legacy franchise.

Founded in 1901, Boston has been in the American League and is one of the most popular brands on the board.  Generations of fans worldwide have followed the Red Sox with great passion.  Thus, when you add winning to a worldwide brand, you get the potential for overlays.  And this year, the lack of winning has caused a flood of red ink.

Gamblers who are used to betting on Boston and putting up with higher prices feel burned.  Consider a lost bet on the Red Sox, especially for home games, can set a bankroll back several weeks.  Multiple losses can bust a bankroll.  And that is what is happening in the 2022 season.

2022 Boston Red Sox By the Numbers

In sum, the Red Sox have a record of 19-22 with the MLB betting lines.  Boston is 15-21-5 under the total.  At Fenway Park, the Red Sox are just 10-10, which is catastrophic for a consistent favorite.  Overall, Boston has MLB metrics of 14th for run production, 22nd for home runs, 15th for earned run average, 24th for quality starts, and 19th for bullpen earned run average.

Of great concern are those pitching numbers.  Boston’s run production numbers are not up to standard.  But the putrid pitching is what is ultimately the deal-breaker for a playoff season.

A Tough Division to Dig Out in

Specifically, the Red Sox are in perhaps the toughest division in baseball.  The American League East is comprised of the powerhouse New York Yankees, the underrated and consistent Tampa Bay Rays, and the vastly improved Tampa Bay Rays.  All three of those teams are capable of making the playoffs.  In fact, only the Baltimore Orioles are a perennial loser.  Yet even the Orioles are an improved club.

What Are the Red Sox? 

Two years ago, the Red Sox began shedding payroll.  Due to those baseball betting moves, Boston developed a reputation for not being all-in for a playoff spot.  Yet the fact remains that the Red Sox rank 6th in MLB for total payroll.  Concurrently, fans and gamblers believe that such a large payroll should ensure success.

Key Factors and Players on the Boston Red Sox

Namely, starting pitcher Nathan Eovaldi is off to a slow MLB gambling start.  Eovaldi is 1-2 with a 4.10 earned run average and 1.16 WHIP.  But the Red Sox have blown 11 save opportunities in less than two months.  That is not sustainable for success on the diamond or at the payout window.

Fashion that third baseman Rafael Devers has been an asset in 2022.  Devers produced 28 runs, 15 doubles, nine home runs, and 24 runs batted in.  He was hitting .335 with a .594 slugging percentage and .969 OPS.


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