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2021 MLB Division Series Underway, Latest Odds and Analysis

2021 MLB Division Series Betting, Latest Odds and Analysis

For Major League Baseball fans and gamblers, this is the best time of year.  Eight teams and four series comprise the best-of-five divisional playoffs.  On the whole, the 2021 version of the MLB playoffs ranks as one of the most promising.  While the regular season is a marathon grind with the MLB betting odds, the playoffs are the opposite.  Especially in the divisional round.  Pitch-by-pitch drama will be high.  With that in mind, live betting will be off the charts.  Gamblers know that anything can happen in the baseball playoffs.

MLB Betting:  AL & NL Divisional Series

National League Division Series

*Denotes if necessary

San Francisco Giants vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Game 1: Friday, at San Francisco (9:37 p.m. ET, TBS)

Game 2: Saturday, at San Francisco (9:07 p.m. ET, TBS)

Game 3: Monday, at Los Angeles (TBD, TBS)

*Game 4: Tuesday, at Los Angeles (TBD, TBS)

*Game 5: Thursday, Oct. 14, at San Francisco (TBD, TBS)

At the onset of this matchup is historical context.  San Francisco and Los Angeles have a bitter rivalry that goes back for over a century.  The Dodgers are one of the biggest brands at any sportsbook.  Cause by their domination of nine consecutive playoff appearances.  Los Angeles has three National League pennants since 2017.  Meanwhile, San Francisco is back in the post-season after four straight losing seasons.  The Giants finished with a 107-55 record to beat out LA by one game in the National League West.

Milwaukee Brewers vs. Atlanta Braves

Game 1: Friday, at Milwaukee (4:37 p.m. ET, TBS)

Game 2: Saturday, at Milwaukee (5:07 p.m. ET, TBS)

Game 3: Monday, at Atlanta (TBD, TBS)

*Game 4: Tuesday, at Atlanta (TBD, TBS)

*Game 5: Thursday, Oct. 14, at Milwaukee (TBD, TBS)

Once upon a time, the Braves were known as the biggest playoff chokers with the MLB betting lines. But last year, they took the Dodgers to the full seven games in the National League Championship Series.  Following a bad first half of the season, the Braves rallied to win their fourth consecutive National League East title.  Milwaukee was one of baseball’s biggest surprises.  Cause by an elite pitching staff.

American League Division Series

Chicago White Sox vs. Houston Astros

Game 1: Thursday, at Houston (4:07 p.m. ET, FS1)

Game 2: Friday, at Houston (2:07 p.m. ET, MLBN)

Game 3: Sunday, at Chicago (8:07 p.m. ET, FS1)

*Game 4: Monday, at Chicago (TBD, FS1)

*Game 5: Wednesday, Oct. 13, at Houston (TBD, FS1)

Chicago manager Tony LaRussa is already a Hall of Famer.  He ended a decades-long retirement to take over a talented White Sox club.  Of course, there is a great deal of baseball betting familiarity with the Astros.  The 2017 World Series champions are in the playoffs for the sixth time in seven years.

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Boston Red Sox

Game 1: Thursday, at Tampa Bay (8:07 p.m., FS1)

Game 2: Friday, at Tampa Bay (7:02 p.m. ET, FS1)

Game 3: Sunday, at Boston (4:07 p.m. ET, MLBN)

*Game 4: Monday, at Boston (TBD, FS1)

*Game 5: Wednesday, Oct. 13, at Tampa Bay (TBD, FS1)

Tampa Bay remains a fascinating team to consider.  Correlate the Rays have few fans, no revenue, and a small payroll.  Yet Tampa Bay is consistently one of the best values for betting on baseball.  Further, the Rays’ starting pitching is not that good.  It is their bullpen that makes the difference.  In like manner, the Red Sox don’t have dominant starters on the hill.  But they have a potent lineup.

MLB Division Series Free Picks CashBet Free Picks  

In this situation, the Giants and Braves get the better price in the National League.  In like manner, the White Sox and Red Sox are more favorably priced MLB gambling selections.

MLB Division Series CashBet Best Bets: 

San Francisco Giants, Atlanta Braves, Chicago White Sox, and Boston Red Sox


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