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Notre Dame Fighting Irish CashBet Future 2022 Odds and Football Betting Analysis

Notre Dame Fighting Irish CashBet Future 2022 Odds

Certainly, Brian Kelly was a winner.  And he restored the national prominence of Notre Dame.  But Notre Dame couldn’t be more ecstatic about its coaching reboot.  It didn’t help that Kelly cut and run for LSU when the Irish were still in the mix for the College Football Playoff.  Of course, he burned a College football betting bridge.  But the moment Kelly left, Notre Dame football started doing something different.  The Fighting Irish began having fun.  And the reason was new head coach Marcus Freeman.  Nobody says anything bad about Marcus Freeman.  Yet, that is.

CFB 2022 Future Betting Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Notre Dame CashBet Future Odds Over/Under Win Total 9.5
Odds to Win National Championship +4800
Odds to Win Conference Championship: NA

CashBet Odds Analysis – A New Player-Friendly Era

Accordingly, Notre Dame isn’t supposed to be a place for a first-time head coach to learn on the fly.  But that’s a statement of the potential that Notre Dame sees in Freeman.  Indeed, Notre Dame players went bonkers when he was announced as the new head coach.  Fighting Irish fans were thrilled as well.  So too were the school and its prospective recruits.  And that’s the difficult part about the Freeman hiring.  It looks good, but there isn’t much best sportsbook online resume to work with.

Now comes the hard part.  After the shouting and celebrating is the fact that Freeman needs patience.  Remember that Kelly was successful and won’t be easy to match in the record.  And it’s not just Brian Kelly that Freeman will be measured against.  Consider that no Notre Dame coach has produced five double-digit win seasons in a row.  Notre Dame improved and got close to winning it all under Kelly.  However, the Fighting Irish hit a hard ceiling.  They were never Alabama and Clemson and likely will never be.

Concurrently, it’s up to Freeman to lead Notre Dame to that one extra step.  And turn a College Football playoff-caliber team into a true national title contender.

For Better or Worse, Marcus Freeman is Dramatic Change

Certainly, Marcus Freeman looks and acts young.  Freeman, age 36, seems to have the right mix of personality and talent to be the exact fit for the new era of college football.  There is  Betting on college football faith that he can meet today’s notable changes and that he can recruit.

Yet, for all the hype, Freeman’s star was tempered some.  Following Oklahoma State storming back from down 21 to take the Fiesta Bowl in his first game as head coach.

At the onset of 2022 is a trip to his alma mater, Ohio State.  Notre Dame will kick off the season against the Buckeyes.  The bet on NCAAF bloom could be off the rose early for sure.

It’s going to take time for all of the recruits to make an impact.  And it’s going to take a little bit for the rookie head coach to settle into the job.  Following a probable loss at Ohio State, it had better be onward to victory the rest of the way.

Notre Dame always thinks they are too good.  Also, there is the incessant demand that the program is too great.

Will Irish Eyes Be Smiling at the End?   

Overall, Notre Dame’s talent makes for the expectations of another double-digit win season.  Notre Dame’s coaching staff looks strong.  Freeman is expected to grow into the job and emerge as a betting on NCAAF asset.  In turn, he will have to prove he can handle the home games.  Additionally, there can be no flops against the teams the Irish should be able to beat.  Marcus Freeman will be forgiven with a loss to Ohio State or Clemson.  But that’s it for the games on the slate that would get any semblance of a free pass.


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