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2022 Chiefs Seek Redemption and Third Super Bowl in Four Years

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Consider that the Kansas City Chiefs led the 2021 AFC championship game 21-10.  Further, the Chiefs were at the 1-yard line with nine seconds left in the first half.  If the Chiefs had scored even a field goal, they probably would have beaten the Cincinnati Bengals.  And then KC would have moved on to a third straight Super Bowl betting.  The Chiefs would probably have been a Super Bowl best favorite had they met the Los Angeles Rams on Super Sunday.  Instead, a Chiefs dynasty was stalled.  Or perhaps even worse, it was ended.

2022 Futures Odds Kansas City Chiefs

When: The 2022 NFL Season Opens on Thursday, September 8, 2022

Kansas City Chiefs CashBet Futures Odds Over/Under Win Total 10.5
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The End or a Beginning for the Chiefs?

On that aforementioned goal line opportunity, Patrick Mahomes threw a first-down pass away.  Subsequently, Mahomes threw a swing pass to Tyreek Hill on second down.  It was a poor best sportsbook online decision.  Hill was tackled short of the goal line.  Most important of all, time ran out in the first half.  The Bengals grabbed some momentum and came all the way back to win in overtime.

Adding insult to injury, the Chiefs had a chance to score a go-ahead touchdown in the final two minutes of regulation.  Yet they couldn’t get in the end zone.  Kansas City fans and gamblers were stunned.  Cause by the Chiefs being the ultimate Betting on Super Bowl comeback team in the Mahomes era.

A Tough Decision

Despite the AFC Championship game catastrophe, the Chiefs dynasty wasn’t necessarily derailed.  But it was a painful and humbling Super Bowl betting odds setback.  Almost as disappointing was that the offseason wasn’t great either.

Consider that Kansas City decided it wouldn’t pay Tyreek Hill.  So the Chiefs traded Hill to the Miami Dolphins.  As a result, the move leaves them without a game-breaking top receiver.  Hill is an elite top-shelf NFL receiver and was a perfect fit for Mahomes. Thus, most of the passing game will be on the shoulders of 32-year-old tight end Travis Kelce.

Meanwhile, the ultimate quarterbacking arms race is in the AFC West division.  Kansas City remains the favorite, but the Super Bowl betting gap has undeniably closed.

A Litany of Would-Be Dynasties

And then there is some sobering NFL history.  Plenty of teams looked like they’d win for a number of years.  Further, most of those teams had superstar quarterbacks.  Yet they never make it back to a Super Bowl after one or two berths.  Consider Dan Marino’s Miami Dolphins, Brett Favre’s Green Bay Packers, Kurt Warner’s St. Louis Rams, Drew Brees’ New Orleans Saints, Aaron Rodgers’ Packers, and Russell Wilson’s Seattle Seahawks.

Those failed dynasties closed way before gamblers expected.  To show, The NFL is competitive, and nothing is ever guaranteed.

A Fork in the Road for Kansas City

At the onset, this season is a fork in the road for the Chiefs.  Mahomes, age 26, should be great for another decade or more.  But each aforementioned quarterback was great too, often for many years.  There are no guarantees that the Chiefs will get back to a Super Bowl with Mahomes.  Regardless of how incredible Mahomes will continue to be. 

By contrast, if the Chiefs can hold off the rest of the AFC West, one of the toughest divisions we’ve seen, maybe nothing will stop them.  But they have to overcome the loss of Hill.  Additionally, Tyrann Mathieu left in free agency.  Perhaps all they need is Mahomes and Andy Reid, and nothing else matters much.

This season is a gut check for the Chiefs.  If the rest of the AFC West can’t catch the Chiefs this season, they may never get it done.  It’s now or never for that Kansas City dynasty.


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